The Grass is Greener on the Other Side Update

Almost a month and a half later, Bo’s front lawn is coming along slowly just like he had promised, he told me back then that “don’t be alarmed, it’s going to look worse before it looks better because Zenith Zoysiagrass is a slow-growing grass.  And last night the front lawn took a lot of abuse from the many tricker treaters that we had.

He planted his grass 2 times, almost 2 weeks apart since he didn’t have enough seeds the first round.

The second seeding came along slower, I think the cold weather also stunt the growth because I’ve seen these the size of a rice grain for several weeks now.

He used a different types of seed for the side-yard next to the driveway, he called this the smart seed.

I’m surprised that I still have many Gardenia in blooms, these two big bushes are next to my driveway.


  1. I think the lawn would look awesome when it is fully grown. I love the gardenia but the scent make me dizzy. It is too strong I think. Do you have any Jasmine flower?

    • Dallas, it’s coming along very slowly, but I’m not too worry about it, it’s Bo’s job to make it look nice.

      My dad has the Jasmine flower, the Asian kind but it has to be kept indoor during the cold winter months. I like the Gardenia because it has a nice fragrant.

  2. Man, poor Bo.. all those work he did and nothing much to show for. Maybe, give it another month or so before giving up on it. I never try seeding the lawn that size before.

    • seeharhed, he said that wait until next year, it’ll look real nice, and he’ll roll on it for you to see. 😉

  3. Nye
    The lawn doesn’t looked that bad by spring time you will enjoy the hard work. Iloved gardenia flowers some how I don’t have any luck with the plant too much sun, too much water or too little of both. They die on me all the time so I give up. however i’m pretty in keeping orchids and frican violet alive and blooming, that’s a bless. I see you banna trees are still outside do you need to bring them in door?. last visit to Laos I was able to cut my own banna right off from the tree pretty excited. this year I plan to visit Laos during new year and maybe I get to sample some the green mango that was just tinies baby when I was their last.

    • salalao, I think Bo is stressing out because I posted the pictures of his bare lawn, but it’ll get better, he is very determined and said that when it matures, it should look like this picture here.

      I think the Gardenia is the easiest to care for, it survives on its own, i didn’t have to water it at all. On the other hand, I love orchid, but not very good at taking care of it at all, it needs more caring and I think you have a green thumb there.

  4. Hi Nye,
    I like the smart seeds, they look very healthy. Bo doesn’t have much to worry – as I can see the potential of this lawn already. Much like hair on babies, sparse but will soon be thick and full. 🙂

    The gardenias are nice too. I always admire them at the nursery, especially the glossy leaves. But I stay away since I have not luck growing them.

    • Cambree, I hope you’re right that it’s like the baby’s hair, lets just hope that it’s not an older man’s hair where it stays like that forever, or starts to fall off. 🙂

      As for Gardenias, it must really be luck because I don’t have to do anything to it, they just take care of themselves and I used to think that I didn’t have much luck with them either since I tried to grew them at my old house and it almost died on me twice, but since my dad and sister moved in and live there, they moved it to the front of the house and it looks beautiful now, huge bush but no flower, kind of strange and mine have flowers galore, even the two new small one in the garden.

  5. I love the smell of Gardenia!! We have a few on our front yard, but my dad cut them all up but surprisely they grew again..

    • mozemoua, I did a clipping from my cousin once, but it died, buying it from the store is much better, I think I might plant some more. I wonder why your dad cut it down, must have got too big.

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