I can’t say that Halloween was the same as when I was a kid, I guess it was because I grew up in the city, not knowing much about Halloween and had never gone trick or treating. In fact, Halloween was something that I didn’t look forward to, I dreaded going to school on that day, and had to hurry home because I didn’t want to get hit by eggs.  I took the subway home, and the walk from the subway station to our apartment was like a war zone, kids would be up on the rooftop of a 4 to 6 story apartment buildings throwing eggs down to passerby, I had to run fast to be able to dodge the egg bombs.

I’m happy to say that it’s not like that anymore, especially for Lee.  We live in a small town now, and our neighborhood is very safe and we’ve a huge turn out every year, kind of surprised me that we seemed to have more this year than last year, even though it rained part of the night, but people didn’t mind coming out at all.

Lee was dressed up as Princess Jasmine, a fictional Arab princess and the heroine of the 1992 Disney film Aladdin.

I was surprised to see several adults dressing up to give out candies, this lady was dressed up as the Chick-fil-A Cow.

My camera didn’t do too good with night shot, also might be that I don’t have a steady hand.

Some neat and cute customs.

Bo was running out of candies fast, he went through our pantry and gave out anything that he could find, cool aid, animal crackers, potato ships, popcorn…

Believe it or not, I got a hot dog, there was a block party and they gave out hot dogs and sodas last year, but only hot dog this year.

We had people from other neighborhood dropping off their kids, I guess they were neighborhood hopping, something that we had never done before, just our neighborhood alone is about 1 to 2 miles walk.


  1. Nye, looks like your neighborhood are jam packed with kids and cars. As a kid growing up, I’m always looking forward to the Halloween. My older cousins would drove us to the rich neighborhoods to trick or treats. I had to work tonight, therefore I don’t know how many kids knock on my door. Plus, I didn’t leave any lights on at all.

    So? how many bags of candies did you guys ending giving out?

    • seeharhed, some people were not home and they left a basket of candies outside. We ended up giving out 3 huge bags of candies, small bags of variety chips, small bags of animal crackers, small packs of cool aids, and little knickknacks that Bo could find in the pantry. I think that’s what people were doing last night, driving their kids to nice neighborhood, but that’s a lot of driving around for one night.

    • Dallas, Princess Jasmine had loads of fun, I think she might go as a witch next year. The car picture was near the entrance of the neighborhood, we had a cop car out there also and people trying to park in the front lawn was a problem for many residents. I think big neighborhood always get hit hard with drop-off tricker treaters.

  2. This was so interesting to see (and read about), thank you for sharing! I noticed that people didn´t wear overcoats even it´s late october, that´s nice. (6 degrees here)

    • giiid, surprisingly it was not as cold the last couple of days, I only wore a long sleeve t-shirt, and many parents wore short sleeves. I’m glad that most parents didn’t keep their kids at home from fearing of all the rumors that has been going around about Halloween, it’s definitely a treat for most kids.

  3. In some parts of the city, kids gather at the mall and trick or treat in a organized and “safe” setting. I think it’s a bit sad, as it takes the fun out of going door to door.

    I like your neighborhood Halloween here. I love the little girl in purple, I wonder if she’s an eggplant? Thanks for sharing pictures of good old fashion fun. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, we’ve kids trick or treating in the mall also, my teenage nephew went there, but I think it was more for hanging out with his friends for him.

      I like our neighborhood, especially trick or treating time, the houses that turned on their lights to give out candies were real nice to kids and we had many from other neighborhoods, but they didn’t seem to mind at all. I think this is also a great place for Lee to grow up. The girl in the purple is an eggplant and the one before that is her little sister, I’m not sure what she was, they both are cute girls.

  4. lol, we went trick or treating at my fiance’s house and ended up eating their dinner too. So I guess we got a good treat!

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, I guess it’s good timing then. We went to my sister’s house for Fer but we told her that we couldn’t stay long and had to come back home to give out candies, it was drizzled then and didn’t expect many kids, but the rain stopped for about 2 hours and we had a good turnout. Maybe next year I’ll dress up to go trick or treating with Lee. 🙂

  5. i do agree, trick or treating isn’t the same as it used to anymore! I followed (limping) my friend and the kids around for halloween, I kept sayign that I will post it up, but keep forgetting.

    • mozemoua, I guess too much pictures to process these days, I’m far behind with doing pictures for my co-worker, sisters, dads and everyone that I promised. I guess that’s what happen when you don’t get pay. 😦

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