Falling Leaves

One of the biggest problems that I had last year and the year before was the leaves in my fishpond, so I had to come up with a way to prevent them from falling in there.

A soft net seems to do the trick here, I covered the pond last weekend and it’s catching many leaves thus far.

My cabbages are doing well, although they don’t have much room to grow but it looks like I’ll have enough to make spring roll by Thanksgiving.

I’m not surprised to learn that China is the leading in production of cabbages, followed by India and then the Russian Federation according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations.

I absolutely love the Autumn colors, it’s especially nice to see it in my own backyard.


    • Dallas, I don’t mind racking the leaves, we used to have a huge tree next to our deck and that was a full time job of leaves racking until we had it cut down several years back, I think the tree took up half of the backyard.

      The hardest job for me was fishing out the rotten leaves from the pond in the springtime and I hope that this will solve my problem.

    • Dallas, I’ll be making spring rolls, lots of party/family events coming up. I might also do Tum cabbages, I’m sure it’d be better than the store bought one, I’ve never ate the home grown cabbage before, can’t wait.

  1. Nye, nice pictures. I guess your banana trees aren’t as big as your dad. hhmm Is your backyard back up to a golf course? I see some green behind the iron fence:-).

    All those cabbages remind me of my grandpa, he used to have a real big garden back in Laos.

    • seeharhed, we’re not polished enough to live near/in a golf course community. What you see is a wooded lot owned by the man in back of us, he tries to keep it nice back there. It’d be nice if he’d sell it to us, but I’m sure he wants an arm and a leg for it.

      I was going to move some of the cabbages to another area to make more room, but the weather has been real bad lately that I couldn’t go out there and work much.

  2. Hi Nye,
    Always love the garden updates!

    The net is a good idea. It almost looks like an art piece. 🙂

    That is healthy looking cabbage. And the banana trees are still nice and green… even in October.

    • Cambree, I’ve not had a chance to plant the seeds that you gave me, the weather has been bad lately and I might do it tomorrow, and some in the Spring time, I wonder if you had any luck with yours.

      I’ve to start bringing some of the plants indoor and might do it tomorrow, it’s going to be nice, weather for yard work. 🙂

  3. I am loving the autumn colors here! it’s amazing and yes the autum colors in your back yard is looking good. I didn’t know cabbage are still growing at this time of year.

    • mozemoua, cabbages grow best during the cold months, so it should be ready to harvest by Thanksgiving I hope. I might grow another batch before the spring when it’s still cold.

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