Got Lost in the Corn Maze

We finally got to visit the Foothills Corn Maze yesterday afternoon.

Many rules to follow.

Matthew and Lee didn’t know which way to turn, so they decided to take turns in choosing direction, I just followed.

Then we had to answer the trivial questions, our first trivial question was, What US state produces the most corn?  This one was easy, Iowa is the answer.

Our first mailbox clue, “he will show.”

We weren’t sure if it were going to be sunny at first since it called for rain in the morning, and a good thing that it didn’t, the temperature was in the 70s.

They put down fresh hay early in the morning, some areas were still muddy.

Our check station#1, there were 3 total.

Another trivial question, this one asked, Which part of the corn plant is located on the very top? We couldn’t agree on this one, I thought it was the male Tassel on the very top because I recalled reading this to Lee when she was little, and the corn silk is on the corn itself.  My co-worker thought it was the corn silk, I think we had made the wrong turn here.

Our next mailbox clue, “you which.”

Our check station, Lee was ready to look for another clue.

They found another trivial question.

This one I knew from blogging about Ethanol oil, it asked, what is an alternative fuel that comes from corn? Biodiesel or Ethanol? closeup image of the trivial question.

Another mailbox, the clue said “Seek his.”

Trivial question, I kind of thought that the answer was 87 million acres of corn planted in the US this year.  This corn field alone is 10 acres, and 6 acres were turned into this corn maze.

Mailbox clue, “will in all”, and this was the last one that we found, we were missing two clues, we found four out of six clues and all we got was “he will show…you which…seek his…will in all…”  I kind of thought that it was one of the bible verses, “Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take,” but we were not getting them in the right order.

These corns are for chicken feeds, the last day that they will open is on Halloween and they will be opening late, so this should be spooky and fun.

We had made so many turns, and many wrong turns, I kind of felt like we were going in circle.

Then we saw what appeared to be the exit, but only to find that it was the entrance, Lee was too tired and we didn’t attempt to go back. I didn’t know how we got lost when we had the map.

The ride to the pumpkin patch.

It was a nice ride, but kind of rough at time where it was muddy.

A nice view of the corn maze.

The pumpkin patch was not as big as I thought, I must have watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown too many times, but Lee was excited and she bought 1 big pumpkin for $6.  Bo helped her carve the Jack-o’-lantern when she got home.

Matthew picked out a big one also.

Lee carried her pumpkin long enough for me to take her picture, I had to carry it for her the rest of the way.

Lee was singing a cowboy song, “Riding a cowgirl…” and waving her imaginary cowgirl hat in the air.

Next year we need to visit in September where the corn stalks would still be green.


  1. My answer is Iowa for the first question.

    The second question is the “tassle”. When I was younger, “de-tasseling” was the only summer job. We got to ride on the combine and pull the tassel. I can just smell the farm right now.

    • Dallas, this is the first time I heard of detasseling, and had to look it up, that’s interesting to cross pollinate corn this way. When I fist read about corn to Lee, I thought it was interesting that it has a male and female in one plant and it pollinates by itself, but I’m sure some help from the bees and winds.

    • I never heard of corn “de-tassling” corn until now. I don’t mind shucking corn and look forward to fresh corn every summer.

      Have you heard that corn grown as animal feed doesn’t taste so good? 😦 And a big majority of them are grown in the U.S.A.

      • cambree, they tell people upfront that it’s animal feed corn, and not sweet corn so that people won’t steal. The corn maze is a neat idea and I’m glad that we’ve one nearby.

    • cambree, I’m not sure where she gets her energy, she is like the energizer bunny. I think she is looking forward to picking out her own live Christmas tree next. 🙂

    • Audrey, it’s good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. This year some of us were sick and can’t think very clear, but hopefully next year it will be better. It’s embarrassing that we got lost, especially when we had the map. 🙂

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