Bee’s Design and Finds

I’m happy to announce my sister’s online store, Bee’s Design and Finds.

Bee’s Design and Finds offers handcrafted pillows featuring unique designs, wall mirrors, upholstered items and furniture, which includes leather sofas showing here.

These leather western pillows are handcrafted from the finest materials.

Beautiful leather/cowhide with hair western design pillows.

Beautiful needlepoint/fabric combo pillow.

Decorative throw pillows.

And much more…

All items are hancrafted in the USA, please check out her online store at Bee’s Design and Finds. I’ve also added her to my blogroll and gave her a page of Bee’s Design at the top of my blog for easy find, her inventory changes often so check it out.

6 thoughts on “Bee’s Design and Finds

  1. Hi Nye,
    Congrats on Bee’s new internet shop. The selections look great! 🙂

    I think it’s best to support crafters and artisans if possible, especially those in the USA. These items are always made with much more love and attention then the “mass produced” stuff.

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