Take the Piano Stairs

Lee is afraid of an escalator, so I wouldn’t have to tell her to take the stairs. But most people are not like her, most would take the escalator, but what if you make the stairs more fun, that’s what Volkswagen wants you to do so they turned a staircase in Odenplan, Stockholm into a piano to see if people would chose the stairs over the escalator. So eye catching, I too would take the stairs. This would be a treat for Lee, we might not get anywhere if we have one here. And as a result, over 66 percent more people chose the stairs over the escalator, so fun is good.


  1. Make sure Lee doesn’t wear Crocs near escalators, I’ve heard horror stories of the straps being sucked into them.

    I’m a stairs kind of person…. the piano stairs does make it more fun. 🙂

    • cambree, I still can’t get her to use the escalator till this day. I kind of thought that she is afraid of height, but then again certain things don’t bother her, like the chair lifts and big swings, so I’m sure why. I think it would be so neat to have piano stairs at home, Lee would like that.

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