• Dallas, it’s fun to watch her video, I like her. The ingredients that you’re talking about is a bit more advance, I didn’t want to scare K yet, so this is a very simple recipe and I think it is the same recipe as most Thai restaurants overseas.

  1. MyGod, she’s very funny, haha, I was like did she say, POPEYE? LOL.

    It looks so easy for me, I can get those ingredients at Thai store near my place, but what is Padeak and MSG? Do you still have to wash the papaya with hot water or just rinse it in running water after slicing?

    YUMMY, I can see it from her face at least. Thanks, Ginger.

    • Hey K!

      I my brother-in-law wife is Pinay. She love Lao food especially papaya salad. I think I got her entire family to like it too.

      Padeak is a pickled/fermented fish sauce unlike your regular Patis. MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate (Betsin).

      I just wash it with warm water after I peel the skin then dry and shred it.

      • Thanks.

        It’s funny I even asked a Thai client for this and you’re right, it’s not the ordinary “Patis” we Pinoys use for cooking. She even kindly asked me to come over to their house (and she live near my apartment too, haha) and will show me how to do it. Now that’s something to look forward to.

        The MSG is something that I might skip. Guess what, I’m ordering Som Tum tonight.

    • K, she is funny, even though she couldn’t say all the word, but she was braved enough to give it a try, she made cooking seems fun, glad you like her video. 🙂

      • She’s alright. The preparation doesn’t need too much explanation since it’s very easy to do, squeezing more LIME must be a way to go (she just need to be careful with that knife, haha).

        • K, I don’t put Lime in mine, I use the Tamarind Paste instead and it gives it a different flavor. There are so many different variations of ingredients in this dish and everyone makes it differently. But one thing, this is a great diet food.

  2. i tasted the papaya salad that doesn’t have shrimp paste and padek; it tasted more like a cold salad type dish. it taste pretty good with a lot of limes and garlic. that’s ysually the way Thai restaurants make it for westerners.

    • lady0fdarkness, the Thais like it spicy, sweet and sour and a flavor that the Westerners also like, but not as authentic as the Lao version of Tum Mak Houng, I like our version better and always put shrimp paste or padek in mine.

    • salalao, I think I tried everything, and now I mixed my own Padek with lots of ingredients in it and keep it refrigerators, it’s great to have it handy for Larp or any Thai or Lao dish. I have crab paste at home and sometime would put it in my Tum Mak Houng, it has a different flavor but it doesn’t look as pretty because it’s black or dark coloring.

  3. shoot!!! after watching this video, i want some tum mark hoong too.. i will have to make a surprise visit to my parents house tomorrow afternoon. i like mom’s version of tum mark hoong, she added some mark keur(lao eggplant) to it. and lastly… you have to eat it with “kiep muu”

    • seeharhed, that’s how I make it during the summer when I have lots of Lao/Thai eggplant, and adding string bean is also good. If you like, you can even Tum Kiep Muu in there as well, it adds more flavor.

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