Corn Maze on my GPS

Not that I’ve a Global Positioning System (GPS), it would be nice to have a navigation and precise-positioning tool built in, but I’m still backward when it comes to this, still getting my directions from MapQuest.  When I heard about a Lincoln corn maze in Oregon, this sounds like a fun place to explore, especially for Lee, but Oregon would be too far for us.

Then one of my co-workers told me about the one that we have here in our area, the Foothills Corn Maze and she suggested that it’d be fun for us to go together, Lee would have a blast having a friend her age to hang out with, so we just have to set a date.

This maze is made uniquely each year. They use GPS technology to map out their maze and to help them cut it. It also contains mailboxes along the route that will provide the visitors with clues and assistance as they work their way through. Also, visitors will find a rest area along the route where they can take a moment to enjoy a cold drink and to rest up. This sounds promising already.

Their first year was in 2007, see photo below, it was a simple design.

Then 2008, they got more creative with their maze design.

I heard that this year is even more difficult. They managed to weave secret designs into the pattern if anyone does see the maze from the sky, but the owner is keeping those details a secret. There are other secrets too such as pumpkin bowling, a scavenger hunt and trivia that if answered correctly leads travelers down the correct path.  They also have maps of the maze that are made available for those who want to cheat their way through or those who just need a hint once in awhile. But we won’t be needing that, I hope.


  1. Zeddicus, thanks, that sounds like a good idea, or another way is to attach my camera on a long stick and take a picture from above every now and then, well see. 🙂

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I think you guys will have a great time.

    Pumpkin bowling? I always feel sorry for the pumpkin when they launch it into the air and it smashes into tiny pieces. If only they made pumpkin pie out of it later. 😉

    • Cambree, I asked my second sister to come with us, but she is undecided, I think she heard too many horror stories. The last weekend that they will have this is the week of Halloween, so I hope we’ll have some nice weekends ahead. We might visit the pumpkin patch also, I’m looking forward to this.

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