Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Ice Cream Topping

At Lee's birthday party last Saturday, I wanted to make the Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Mango but couldn't find a ripe mango anywhere, apparently it's not in season.  Then my second sister told me that she remembered eating it with ice cream topping in Kamphaeng Phet Thailand when she was younger, and this seems… Continue reading Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Ice Cream Topping

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Be Careful if You Asked for a Child From a Sacred Place

I hope that the introduction post of May the Force be With You will give you a little insight that Animistic beliefs are still widely practiced in Laos.  As for our neighboring country Thailand, they also share this belief because Buddhism in Thailand is also closely tied to animist beliefs and belief in ancestral spirits. … Continue reading Be Careful if You Asked for a Child From a Sacred Place

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Bee’s Design and Finds

I'm happy to announce my sister's online store, Bee's Design and Finds. Bee’s Design and Finds offers handcrafted pillows featuring unique designs, wall mirrors, upholstered items and furniture, which includes leather sofas showing here. These leather western pillows are handcrafted from the finest materials. Beautiful leather/cowhide with hair western design pillows. Beautiful needlepoint/fabric combo pillow.… Continue reading Bee’s Design and Finds


Water: The Two Colors River

When I read about a photo assignment at Scott Thomas Photography of the topic Water, I immediately thought of the two colors river in Laos.  Scott said that “Water is unique in that it can be a solid, a liquid and a gas. Water moves, stands still, creates and destroys,”  this is so true.  As… Continue reading Water: The Two Colors River