PaNoy’s Fall Garden

The last time I visited PaNoy’s garden was in late July and he is nice enough to send me an updated photos of his garden, thank you for sharing this with us.

His mom and his little helper, don’t underestimate this little guy’s ability, he planted some of the vegetables in this garden.

I certainly didn’t expect his papaya tree to bear fruits.  It’s too cold in his area to leave it outside during the winter months.  It’s either bringing it inside or building a shelter for it, and I think he plans to build a shelter for it this winter.

Updated 9/29/2009: PaNoy emailed me 2 more photos of his Tum Mak Houng (spicy papaya salad), looks real good, and he is a great cook by the way.

Watermelon from his garden.

I see Ginger.

The last time I visited PaNoy, he made me some Pennywort drink, it was my first time drinking it and it’s not bad at all.

His rice paddy, he is experimenting with a dry paddy and it’s doing very well.


The persimmon fruits, it looks like it has been a good year for his fruit trees.

Just showing off the fruits of his labor.

PaNoy must be a kin to Bo, he also took a few pictures of the mushrooms.

Here are Bo’s photos of the mushrooms.


  1. Those mushrooms were tasty:)) Right! I didn’t have a mushroom guide book, else I may have try it. What’s worst, hallucination, or perhaps Death? Just kidding. I guess we all love mushroom. The last pic that Bo took looks like a home for a fairy of sort:))

    Thanks for posting it. I’ll let my sister know she can visit Nyenoona for an update pictures.

    • Hi PaNoy, the mushrooms were on our neighbor’s yard, they seem to have a Bermuda grass problem by looking at the pictures. It’s not safe to eat mushroom grown on lawns, not telling what’s in it.

  2. Nye and PaNoy, wow!!! talking about mega garden, it has pretty much everything that can supply small thai restaurant.

    About 10 or 11 years ago, couple laotians died in northern california from eating wild mushrooms.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • seeharhed, I heard about this also, kind of scary. I also read in a Thai magazine that they bought the mushrooms from a roadside stand, she saw the mushrooms that look familiar and when she got home, they gave her something else, sort of ripping people off and most can’t go back to get a refund, and her family got poisoned by it, luckily they got to the hospital in time, it’s not safe to eat stuff that you don’t know these days, especially mushrooms.

  3. I went back and looked at the first post you did, June 08, 2009. The papaya was just starting to catch the sun. Only 3 1/2 months, well 4 months until I was able to make Tum Mak Huong…which I did today from one of them, upon your suggestion. Yummy:)) Hope you got the pictures.

  4. Also, I remember our home in Laos…we had a papaya tree at the front of the house, a few feet from the well. As you come through the gate into our home, the well and the papaya trees (two of them I believe) were there to the left of the entrance. The papaya trees were tall though, maybe 8-10 feet, and rife with those wonderful green papayas. The well where we get the drinking water had a lone catfish in it, and you can see it swimming at the bottom on the day the water was not as murky. And I remember using ‘alum’ to make the water clear. This was done after the water had been drawn into a bucket…add the alum and let it sit for a few hours before cooking or drinking it. So long ago…so long.

  5. PaNoy, it’s nice to see papaya trees in the yard, when I visited my dad’s friend in FL 5 years ago they have several in the front and backyard, I wanted to plant some but it’s too cold in our area for it to mature, but yours turns out nice.

    Then I visited Laos and Thailand, the papaya trees are everywhere, made me feel right at home, I guess there is something about papaya and Tum Mak Houng that is in Lao people. One place that we lived in that they don’t eat the green papaya for Tum Mak Houng, except put it in their cooking such as soup, and that is Khampangphet Thailand, they only eat the ripe papaya, and not Tum Mak Houng, but when we moved there, we ate what we can find, they’ve many papaya trees in the jungle. My mom also grew some papaya trees in our garden as well.

  6. Nice garden PaNoy! Lots of healthy and fresh vegetables. Even comes with cute little helpers too 🙂

    So papaya do grow in parts of N.C.? Gardeners in Florida, Hawaii, and southern Cal can usually grow some great tropical plants with success. They are a lucky bunch.

  7. My mom said when you are growing papaya from seed, you got to plant the bigger, darker seed. This is the seed that will produce a plant that will bear fruit, others may just grow into ornamental plant only. When you eat a ripe papaya next time (we get ours from BJ Wholesale Store), search through the pile of seeds and you will know what I mean.

    Hope I can save it through the winter days:))

  8. This is the best salad I have ever tasted aside from the Beef Thai Salad, more chili means the more you can chew. Honestly, you can eat them a la appetizers or on a main course.

    Love the garden, I can survive with only green in my plate.

    Recipe for the Papaya please? I will will will try to make one for me.

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