1. Nye, I know this might sound so awful for most people.. That frog is a good snack or meal if you’re in Laos. hahahahahha 🙂 Have you ever had it? The best is deep fried it til turn very crispy. I had it before, very tasty and best to wash it down with beerlao. 🙂

    • seeharhed, when I was little, we used to go ‘frogging’ at night after the rain, I guess same as fishing, but we catch frogs. My mom made ‘Pad kob Ta Pouw’ for us to take to school, and the teacher asked us what it was because it smells so good, and I was embarrassed and told her it was chicken, my sister and I were in the 1st grade. She asked to trade her lunch with us and we did, I think she knew what it was, the chicken legs were so tiny. 🙂

    • lady0fdarkness, when you’re raised in Thailand or Laos, you eat anything, so I had my fair share. 🙂

      Frogs are loud, like the Thai/Lao saying, “Frogs die because of their mouth.” If they kept their mouth shut, people wouldn’t be able to find them, but after the rain, they’d come out and make lots of noises.

  2. we’ve been getting plenty of rains here in GA!! It rained 8 days straight and then it also rained yesterday morning. I’ve saw some dark clouds on my way home, so lets see if it’l continue to rain again. THe weather did said it’ll continue to rain.

    • mozemoua, it has been raining almost everyday here except today, the sun came out some, but it looks like they’re calling for rain the rest of this week. I read about the food in GA, so tragic. 😦

  3. Cute little thing, I don’t think I would able to eat the little guy. I had a fair shared of frogs when I was little, right now I probaley can’t eat one. I saw them in asian market and in Laos I have no desire to eat them at all let them go and make noises. It reminded me back at my grandmother home.

    • salalao, the last time I was in Laos, I didn’t get to test out all these critters, but if my aunts or cousins fixed it for me, I’m sure I’ll eat it. 🙂 I actually like the sounds of the night critters back home, it’s very soothing to hear.

  4. Too bad it’s not the kind you can lick:(( But you can probably kiss it? And he or she will tend to your garden day and night, yes? Jest…it’s getting late.

    • PaNoy, certainly don’t want to kiss or lick one, maybe eat it, spicy pad frog with basil. If it’s still around when you visit, I’ll cook it for you. 🙂

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