1. Nye, I didn’t even know that JC Penny carry Joseph Abboud brand. I do have few dress shirts by J A. It is nice to see Danny face all over department stores around the U.S. Thanks for sharing.

    • seeharhed, you’re better than me, I didn’t know anything about the brand but since Danny is wearing it, I might check it out. I guess my next assignment is to visit JCPenny. 🙂

      • Nye, J.A. brand isn’t so cheap. Most of his collections are on high end side, that’s why I was little surprise is in JC Penny. I don’t mean to be a snob or anything but when I think about JC Penny, I think of older people clothes. hahahha 🙂

        • seeharhed, you sound just a LITTLE bit SNOB. 🙂 j/k I often think JCPenny is for kids, but I guess they want to change that image of older people or young kids to more of a family department store. 🙂

  2. Hi Nye,

    I haven’t been to JC Penny in a while, could never find anything I really liked there. Congrats to Danny again. He looks like he’s in his ealry 30’s with this ad. JK. Men and babies, that is cute!

    I read Joseph Abboud’s book, “Threads” about his life and behind the scene production of the fashion industry. I have much respect for this man! His parents were immigrants from Lebanon, and his mother was a very important part of his life.

    I think the last J. Abboud stuff I bought were men socks as gifts. They were quality socks. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, the last time I was in JCPenny was back to school sales and I bought some LEVI Jeans for Lee, I should have got her Lee instead. I might get something for Bo and my Dad for New Year, it might be nice to get this brand for them. 🙂

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