Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Mango

I finally had a chance to make a Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Mango, I went to my dad’s house to make this one, and my second sister helped, actually she did most of the work while I take pictures.  I used the rice that I got from my co-worker, and she told me not to use all purple sticky rice because it will be too dark, so I used half purple sticky rice and half normal sticky rice.  I soaked the rice in warm water for about 3 hours, the water color turned purple instantly.

Then my second sister puts the purple sticky rice in a rice basket to be steamed, make sure not to pack it down.

Then we steamed the rice for about 30 minutes.

My second sister has the coconut milk in a can and that’s what we used, I might experiment with a coconut substitue the next time.

Heat the coconut milk with a little pinch of salt and sugar for sweet.

She then takes the steamed purple sticky rice and spreads it out on a big pan to mix the coconut milk with the rice. Updated 9/16/09: my oldest sister said that we could have skipped this part and go straight to the next photo, and mix the purple sticky rice with the coconut milk, then cover the lid to let it simmer.  I’ll try that the next time.

After it’s evenly mixed, she then puts it back into the pot and heats it back up.  She stirs until the coconut milk evaporates, then it’s finished and ready to be served with thin slices of mango. I’m eating the Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut and Mango while I’m posting this, the new rice has a nice aroma, very soft and moist.


  1. That looks YUMMY, did you save me any?:((( Mom harvested some rice a couple weeks back, some of it and she made something similar, but not as much as what you got there. I can smell it already. Enjoy!

    • Hi PaNoy, sorry there was none left, we had many mouths to feed. It looks like you did good this year on a dry paddy, are you planning to grow more rice next year? I hope you save the seeds. I think I just stick with gardening.

  2. That looks really good! My mom also uses half purple and half white rice. She usually gets them as gifts from friends who bring them back from Laos.

    I can imagine how good yours must taste. The instructions don’t look too difficult either. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    • Hi Lila, thanks. I think your mom will like this one also, not from Laos but home grown in the US. 🙂

      I didn’t expect to get the rice this early because part of her purple sticky rice are not ready to harvest. I think she was planning to give me the ones that’s spreading out to dry, she told me to stop by Monday to pick it up, but I’m glad to get them early.

  3. Nye
    the purple rice absolutely looks delicious!!!!!!!! My mom also mixed the purple and white rice together too. I think the purple rice tended to be little tough. I some how likes the egg custard or just shredded fresh coconut with toasted sesame seeds on top of my purple rice rather having it with ripe mango. Or my favrites…. Kao Lum without taro; the small skinny bamboo(size of the thimb) the better, when you peel the bamboo back you get that fine coating of the inner bark hold the kao lum all together and when you bite into it, it has this crunchy textures umm yummy.

    • Hi Salalao, I also heard that the purple sticky rice are tough, and many people only use the purple water from the purple rice to dye the normal sticky rice. But the purple sticky rice from this paddy are soft, not hard at all, and it tastes real good.

      You do know your food, Kao Lum sounds yummy, I had that when I was in Laos, with and without taro, both are real good. The Kao Lum in the US are also good, I always get from Auy Chan when I visit Wat Lao Buddhavong, hers is the best.

  4. Hi Nye,
    Locally grown rice sounds great! I like the natural purple color too.

    I would consider this a healthy dessert – especially with the ripe mango & coconut milk. Yum. 😉

    • Cambree, it’s a healthy dessert minus the coconut milk, too much can clog up our artery and I need to test one with Thick Coconut Milk Substitute, ingredients are:
      1/3 cup milk (I’d use soy milk)
      1 teaspoon cornstarch
      1/2 teaspoon coconut extract
      Preparation: Combine milk and cornstarch in small saucepan. Stir constantly over high heat until mixture boils and thickens. Immediately pour into small bowl; stir in extract.

      Seems simple enough, I use soy milk a lot to substitute for the coconut, but in this case I would need the cornstarch & coconut extract for flavor.

      • Hi Nye,
        Coconut milk and oil is one of the better fats out there. It’s had some bad raps in the past, but there are research that supports it’s benefits too.

        Many people may think that coconut milk or meat is full of fat. It is high in calories, but it also has many nutritional benefits. Modern research has shown that not all saturated fats are alike and that the fatty acids in coconut oil, the medium chain triglycerides, do not raise serum cholesterol or contribute to heart disease, but are in fact very healthy. Just like how almond and avocado are good for you, despite their high calories. And olive oils are better for you as well.

        You can read more about it at Cambree Notes: Benefits of Coconut. There are further reading from my post as well. 🙂

        • Cambree, thanks for the information, it doesn’t sound as bad as I thought, a moderation use of this wouldn’t be bad after all. I do have to say that using soy milk as a substitute is not the same as using the real coconut milk, and I’ve been fixing my spicy Thai curry soup with soy milk all this time, lol. I guess it’s bad for those that are on a diet, but I’m not too worry about the calories content. 🙂

          • Soymilk Thai curry? I’ve never heard of it until now!

            But I do like drinking soymilk. Especially fresh homemade soymilk made with brown cane sugar.

            • Cambree, I use the Silk Very Vanilla kind, that’s what Lee likes to drink. I use this with Thai Curry Soup and it’s a great substitute for coconut milk. I use it to make her spaghetti sauce also, she likes her spaghetti plain so I add her soy milk with butter to make it thick and creamy. I find her soy milk to be too sweet, so I just drink the Silk Vanilla kind.

    • lady0fdarkness, thanks. I didn’t have more coconut milk for extra sauce to pour on top of the dessert like most people, but seems okay and in this case less is definitely more healthy. 🙂

    • Hi seeharhed, sorry I don’t have any to sell, I already promised the ones that I have left to my oldest sister in NYC and also another friend. I could ask my co-worker for you but it’d be wickedly expensive to ship and might not be worth it. You might be able to find some in your local Asian store, they’d sell it in a zip lock bag or ask for fresh new rice grown locally, at a time like this I think many Hmong farmers would sell their rice crops.

  5. Coconut sticky rice!! my favorite! hummm…. I want some. I hadn’t ate it for a long time. Thanks for sharing. I might make some this weekend ’cause I’m going home(my parents house) 😀

    BTW, Nye, where are you from? By looking at all your pictures it doesn’t look like you are from the north side.

    • Hi shadow, I’m from the South side, North Carolina. 🙂 I’m glad that my picture of the dessert looks yummy, I need to tell my second sister because she wasn’t too confident about making this.

        • Shadow, thanks, I’ll let my sister know. The weather in North Carolina is nice in comparison to up North, I used to live in NYC and the winter was a bit too harsh for us and I do enjoy the nice weather all year round here. 🙂

            • shadow, winter here is almost comical, when I was living in NYC, we could have up to 2 feet of snow and still take the bus and subway to work and school, but here, when they call for sleet or snow, people would rush to the supermarket and clear out all the bread and milk, they acted like we wouldn’t be able to get out from the house for weeks, then we’d have about 2 or 3 inches and people can’t get to work, it’s really a sight, but the snow always melt by that afternoon or the next day.

              But I don’t miss the snow in NYC, just the sidewalk, subway and tall buildings, we don’t have that here.

    • Hi Will, thanks. I wasn’t sure about mixing it this way at first because after we made the dessert, and I looked at the photos at Flickr and saw that their version was a lot darker than mine, they must have used the purple sticky rice only. Since my version is a lot lighter, I was hoping that my dessert wouldn’t look weird to people. 🙂

      • Definitely not weird! 🙂

        The other thing we used to do at home with sticky rice was mix 1 cup of white sticky rice for every 2 long grain rice when we put it into the rice cooker.

        Also, for just making normal steamed sticky rice, but mum has been experimenting a bit lately. She’s managed to use the rice cooker to cook the sticky rice. It kinda works, but the sticky rice can end up a little “stickier” than usual. I don’t remember what her measurements were for how ratios of cups of rice to cups of water. But from memory, there was more rice than water.

        • Hi Will, thanks for the confirmation, I wouldn’t want to be the weird one. 🙂 I need to do a full blown dessert of more purple rice the next time, and garnish with coconut milk pour over it. I’m sure it’ll look better than this, and taste yummier for sure.

          My sister steams the sticky rice in the normal rice basket, then keeps the steamed sticky rice in the rice cooker to keep it warm and this way it stays warm the whole day. I’ve never tried cooking sticky rice in a rice cooker before, maybe I should give this a try.

  6. NYE, I was late for this! Hahaha do you still have left overs for me?

    My favorite sticky rice and mango with coco cream. I want it half-chilled!

  7. K, sorry no left over. It was so good, I think I will try to make another batch this weekend with all the good stuff on it. 🙂

  8. YUMMMY!! I am making some sticky rice in coconut milk for my mom this weekend. Since I posted it in one of my previous post already i wont be sharing, but yours looks soo yummy!!

    • mozemoua, thanks. I thought about doing your version, but my second sister has always done it this way. It’s easy to fix, I might eat more sticky rice from now on. 🙂

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