Fifth Week of Rice Harvest

Seeing this car still amazed me that she walked away with a dislocated foot, not even broken.  I saw my co-worker today and her daughter is home resting.  I told her that her daughter is very lucky, but my co-worker said that she feels that she is the lucky one, in a sense she is right, in fact the whole family are very lucky.  I found out earlier that she was the only one in the car.

I also feel lucky today, felt like I hit the jackpot! I can’t wait to give this a try.

This made me think of Laos, this is used by the locals to separate the rice grains from the shells

Just like back home, spreading out the rice crops or coffee crops to dry in the sun.

So this is the fifth week of rice harvesting, and as you can see that the only section left is the green middle portion in the first photo, below is the first rice paddy closest to the road, and it’s done.

The middle rice paddy, the rice crops are not ready to harvest.

Kao Kom or purple sticky rice.

It’s confirmed that these Kao Kom (purple sticky rice) are dying, one of the problems might be insects such as the stink bugs or the rice brown plant hoppers.

But my co-worker seems to think it’s this big tree, possibly that the roots are sucking all the nutrients, and if that were the case, then it’s a threat to the paddy and a good chance that it might be coming down next year.

I saw several grasshoppers today.

I think this is a hummingbird judging by its long beak, poor fellow got caught in the booby trap.

I’m not sure what this bee is doing, don’t tell me it’s trying to get the remaining nectar.

The last sign of summer, Zinnias.

Harvested paddy, all that’s left are these footprints…


  1. Ginger, reading this post and I can smell the fresh rice scent already! It’s a very wonderful smell! thanks for sharing! I sure do miss it! and wow, that is a horrible wrack, they are very lucky!

    • mozemoua, I didn’t realize how good the new rice was, we cooked the last batch that I gave to my second sister and dad today, this made me want to grow my own rice, but I don’t any any land. 😦 Every time I saw that car, I’m just amazed that she was okay.

  2. Your very Lucky.
    I just came back from Ban Xon ( south of long Chien, near Ban Houaysai and Ban Phonsai ). Anyone here from there ?
    Chris crash

  3. Hi Chris, it was my neighbor’s daughter that was in the accident, but she was okay, only a dislocated foot, she’s very lucky.

    I’ve a cousin from Ban Houaysai, they live in Canada now. Are you there working or just sightseeing? And thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Nye,
    Tahts ban Houaysai near ban son , not far, but a bad road from Vang Vieng.
    Its 120 km north to the turn off and the 50 km in to there , Vang Pow’s back road to long Chien.

  5. It used to be called road 13 B north, to Saisonboun, Khet Piset.
    And you can get to xieng Khuang on this road too.
    Phu Bia, Ban nam Gnon, Ban Nam Mor, Pha Gnai, Pha Noi , Long Chien, Ban Thong Khun.
    Great places , very pretty , Dar Baw Jep !!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Chris, I’m amused by this Lao phrase that you’re using “Dar Baw Jep”, I wonder who taught you, if I read this correctly it’s loosely translated as “your curse doesn’t hurt (bother) me” I see you’re prepared in case any Lao girl curse you. Lol. Well good luck, she might just throw her flip flops at you. 🙂

    I’ve gone on that road to Luang Prabang before, I think it’s the same road because it tangent off to Xieng Khuang also, one of my cousins is from there and he promised to take me to meet his family the next time I’m in town, I look forward to that, especially seeing the Plain of jars.

  7. Hi,
    Dar , means eyes as far as I know , but Dar baw jep is a joke about a pleasant view, When we go to Phonsavan or Nam Gnon we are saying the view is very nice.
    Girls and Mountains!
    The turn off is at Ban Tha Hua at the top of the Nam Gnum lake , and goes across to Saysomboun and Long Tien , the back way RD 13 B.
    Usually we go with Lao army escorts with AK, RPG’s and grenade Launchers , which I think is a bit over , but ??

    Anyway anyone can go there now and it is really pretty nice.

    • Hi Chris, I don’t know about your “Dar”, I’m Lao and “Dar” is a curse, and “Tar” means eyes, I still think that someone is pulling your leg and telling you to say the wrong thing. I asked one of my Lao friends and he said that it sounds like a curse also. The correct Lao phrase when you see something beautiful, whether girls or mountains is “PBen Boun Tar” loosely translated as it’s a blessing to see.

      The next time I visit Laos, I hope to visit some remote villages.

  8. Hi Nye,
    Yes tar or dar , i know its right beacuse some of my Lao workers joke about it when we talk. Like Lao Slang. Easy on the eyes.
    Anyway , are you coming over for a visit soon ?
    looks like a big storm is coming through.
    Typhoon Ketsana

    • Chris,

      Why do you even mention the slang? I think you are using it incorrectly. You just can’t go up to a person and say “Dar Bor Jep”. The only time you would say it would be a reply to a person that “dar” you.

      Let me give you and example of an English slang. A person you don’t know come up to you and say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. You would be scratching your head wondering what the hell just happened. This is what you did.

      That is basically what you just did.

  9. Christ, I think it’s more forgiving when a foreigner speaks wrong, even if it sounded like a curse, I think it’s the attempt that counts more, and your accent of saying it might be a bit off. But as long as no Lao girls throwing flip flops at you, then you’re doing well.

    It’s going to be a while before I can go back to visit. I read about the storm, I hope it wouldn’t do much damage and stay safe.

  10. Thanks Nye,
    Dallas, sticks and stones is not slang, it is an old saying , like a proverb.
    The people who say Da baw jep are my friends and workers.
    I have been here for 17 years,.
    The language and the Slang changes all the time.

    • Ok, it is not a slang but I think you know what I am talking about. However, you still did not tell us why would you say that slang “dar bor jep” and what are you referring to when you use it.

  11. Chris, I think it must be an inside joke, but the joke might be on you because it’s funny to hear a foreigner saying things wrong, this is what I’m talking about, assuming that we’re a bunch of guys sitting around and drinking BeerLao, Lol, bear with me, I’m trying to sound like a guy here.

    Nye said: Pou Sao Ban Nee Ngam Lai (the girls in this village are very pretty)

    Dallas said: Man Lail, Ngam EeLee, Khon Sung sung Hang Ngam Lai! (yes, very pretty, especially the tall one!)

    Chris said: Dar baw jep!!! (Your curse doesn’t hurt!!!)

    Dallas and Nye: ??!?? Man Yung? (What?)

    See what I’m talking about, it’s very confusing for a Lao person to hear it, whether it’s a slang or not, but the meaning to a Lao person is still the same, in this case out of context.

    But if the pretty girl looks back at you and Dallas, rest one of her hands on her hip and said, “Buc Har Nee, Bung EeYung” 😛 (Hey Man, what are you looking at? 😛 )

    Then you said “Dar Baw Jep!!!” then this would be appropriate to say so here. It’s funny, but the Lao saying is that “Mae Jing Dar Man Puen Huk”, if a girl curse at you, it means that she loves you. So the way you’re saying it might not be a bad thing, but it sure is confusing to everyone here.

  12. Hey Guys and Girls,
    yes it will be interesting to sort this out , Now you have me wondering.
    Tomorrow i will ask my secretary Nith to get the translation from our man Mr Jai , from Luang Prabang , but works and live with us here in VTE now .I will scan the lao scipt version and send it over , can your site accept Lao script ? Or can you give me an email address to send it to you directly.
    Mine is or
    More interesting all the time !
    Have Fun
    Best Regards
    Lao Technical Services
    856 20 5512 060

    • Chris, it will accept the Lao script here, and Dallas and I can read Lao, thanks. 🙂 I updated my last comment some at the end.

  13. My Wife says you mean “Baw Geap Dar”, meaning you dont keep the curse , but, we are talking about “Dar baw Jep”, Eyes do not hurt, or you dont get pain in your eyes.
    When are you coming over ?

  14. Just read your last comments Nye,
    Nothing as good as a Lao girls curse ( or as bad sometimes!)
    B regards
    Vientiane Boat racing festival this coming weekend. Boun Song Hua,
    The party started on the weekend just gone.
    Can I post Pics here?

  15. Chris, “Baw Geap Dar” means don’t keep the curse, but it doesn’t ring or flow properly in a Lao phrase, it should really be “Baw Kead” means don’t hold grudges sounds better. I assume your “Mia” wife is Lao, and she might say simple word so that you would understand. If she is upset at you, then you can say, “Baw Kead” or “Baw Kead Nar”

  16. Hi Nye,
    My wife says that ” Dar Baw Jep ” is correct as a joke for men to say about a place having pretty women.
    The phrase Baw Geap Dar is about your way of calling it a curse your not afraid of.
    Luckily my Mia is not upset with me . Otherwise, no Tum Mak Houng!
    Anyway i will make sure our Lao staff get on the site tomorrow, as I may well be completely wrong ! Happens all the time.
    I have only been here for 17 years and am still learning every day!

  17. Chris, it’s my personal blog, so I’m the only one blogging, but I have friends and visitors that visit and comments. It’s nice talking to you, but I’ve to get back to work, catch you later then.

  18. Cheers Nye,
    it s just gone 12.30 pm here so , it crash time , catch you later , thanks for the company and fast replies. Sok dee der

  19. OMG! I got the misunderstanding now.

    Chris meant to say “tar” (eyes) instead of “dar”(curse).
    It make sense now.

    Writing Lao words using roman scripts can be caused some confusion such as in this case.

      • Thank you all for make me feel like home!
        I was laughing the whole time reading your guys comment…
        This makes my day and you are the best Nye!

        • Thanks san. That was a very funny conversation, I’ve not heard back from Chris about his picture though. Must be fighting with Lao women trying to throw flip flops at him. 🙂

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