The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

If you were thinking, what the heck!?!  I’m with you there.

It couldn’t be that Bo is so fascinated with the rice paddy and decided to convert our front yard into a rice field. I’ve mentioned before that the grass seems greener on the other side, no kidding this time.  So Bo has sometime off and decided that he was tired of looking at his brown grass, I think it’s almost comical to see him out there working in his grass paddy.  This is not the first time I’ve seen this, when we were living at our old house, he tilled up 1/2 acre of our front and backyard, so this is very little in comparison to his previous project.

He has got the right idea, this is the best time to grow grass since the weather is a lot cooler, and you also get the benefit from the rains during the hurricane season.  But in his case, he is taking it to the extreme, most people just plug their yard and reseed, not tilling up the yard like this.  Honestly, I don’t think he is laughing right now, I will keep you posted.

He borrowed his mom’s Mantis, this would be perfect for me to expand my garden as well.

Updated: Our front yard was sod, and it turned brown during the summer months, and Bo is seeding this with Zenith Zoysiagrass used by Major League, it’s 99.90% Zenith Zoysiagrass, 0.01% Other Crop, 0.08% Inert Matter and 0.01% Weed Seed.  It is known to be trouble-free, drought tolerant, slow growing grass, which chokes out all other grasses and seldom need mowing. His landscaper’s friend told him about this, and it will stay green all year round, requires very little maintenance, so this is the Lao LazyMan’s yard.


  1. Nye, that’s pretty good size of front yard. Is Bo going to re-seed or re-sod??? This is a good time to fix any irrigation problem or make changes. Once the sod goes down, it is such a pain in rear end to work on irrigation sprinklers.

    Bo should be an expert after this project, tell him that I can use some helping hands to do my front lawn. The crab grass been taking over my front lawn and i am tired of pulling it out.

    • seeharhed, it’d be very expensive to buy this type of sod online (we don’t have one locally that sell it) and Bo doesn’t have a budget for a sprinkler system.

      With crabgrass, you’ve to do the Weed and Feed in the spring to prevent it from coming up. But if you’ve them already, it’s mature crabgrass and you need to kill it with roundup, and if you pull it and not bag it, then you’re spreading it around your yard, and instead of helping, you’re hurting more of your yard, so pulling it up is not the best solution if you don’t get all the roots up. It does cost a lot of money to keep a nice yard.

    • Dallas, Bo likes to talk to landscaper and when he sees them doing something in the neighbor’s yard, he’d ask them about it and try to mimic what they’re doing, but the last year or so he couldn’t keep up, plus we had drought in our area, and also water restriction until this year, so his yard looked very crappy.

      Our Vietnamese neighbor came over today, and said that she’ll wait to see the result, and she’ll ask her husband to do theirs also, all I can say is lots of work. 🙂

    • Salalao, must be like the Lao story, the pig did all the work tilling up the rice paddy and the dog gets all the credit with his footprints, and gets to eat the rice. I’m sure it will come up nice, it always looks worse before it gets better.

  2. That looks like hard work, but I’m sure it will all be worth it. 🙂

    I don’t like front lawns very much, but it seem to be the standard here in America.

    The best front yard I saw was from a gardening show. The house was in Maui. The landscape artist incorporated a private outdoor living area into both the front and back yard. Of course, they had the perfect weather there for “outdoor” living.

    • Cambree, our neighborhood is very strict in terms of putting up structure in front, so outdoor living structure such as gate or anything big would not be allowed at all.

      Bo warned me not to be alarmed when the grass first come up, he said that it will look ugly for the first 3-4 months, then it will look better after the grass mature, hopefully by next spring.

  3. Can I get him to do my backyard next? It’s all covered in crabby-grass, which was better than 2 years ago when it was like Mars.

    That Bo is really a determine fella:)) Hope it all come back nice and green so you can go out there with blanket and have a picnic…wait, this is not the ’50s any longer, cops might come by and tell you to get back in the house.

    • PaNoy, actually having picnic in the front lawn would be nice, our neighborhood is very retro so it’d be like stepping back in time, but I prefer having my picnic in my garden, it’s nicer there.

      As for Bo helping you with your backyard, you’ve to get together will him on this one, and I’ll bill you. 😉

  4. Wow…’pimping’ Bo out I see. Just kidding:)) He called me about the Zoysia plugs for the lawn. I looked it up and it seems quite promising. The price was not too bad so I might do an experiment with it in my backyard. I need something tough that can resist when we’re out there playing badminton.

    How’s the fall garden coming along? I was out weeding last week and there’s a lot I need to do. I’m thinking of putting in some snow peas, sugar snap peas, beets, cabbage, greens, etc…mom is planting cilantro already. Also, I got the blueberries that need to go down in October, got to get that soil somewhat acidic. Take care.

    • Hi PaNoy, I don’t know if ‘pimping’ is the right word, Bo might be blushing right now as we speak. 🙂

      I still have a lot to do in my fall garden, so far I have cabbages, and roman lettuce, might not turn into anything much this year, but I want to take this opportunity during the cool weather to expand my garden. It doesn’t look like I’ll have much time to work out there, but hopefully by next spring I’ll have plenty of spaces for planting.

  5. Tell Bo that he is really ambitious. (and that is an understatement) What work but I sure hope he has the terrific results that he desires. Miss you all . Luv, A

    • Audrey, he was telling me that it’s a slow growing grass, no kidding, only few came up so far, maybe another months or so before I can post an updated photos. Hope all is well with you and H.

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