Labor Day Weekend-End of Summer

We went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for Labor Day Weekend, not the best weather to be at the beach since it was overcast and cool the whole time we were there.

For many, Labor Day marks unofficial end of summer.

This made me think of Footprints in the Sand poem.

We all helped Lee looking for seashells, it was my dad, Bo, second sister and Lee in this picture.

Lee found a pretty one. She had a great time, the last time we took her to the beach was 4 years ago, she was only 3.5 years old, and couldn’t remember much.

She is proud of her collection, many pretty seashells, she gave a few to her teacher.

We passed a boy and his mom with an impressive seashells collection.

I also learned something new, these are Shark’s teeth, strange to me that they’re not white, but black instead.  Sharks continually shed their teeth, and some can shed approximately 35,000 teeth in a lifetime, that’s many.

We saw many treasure hunters, this man looks like a pro.  Treasure hunting and beach metal detecting is great for Myrtle Beach area since it’s populated by people and I’m sure there are a lot of lost treasures on the beach. The boy with the green pail looked like he is looking for Ponyo.

I guess green pail made me think of Ponyo, I kind of thought that this lady with a green pail could easily pass as an older version of Ponyo.

There is that cartoon like character about her, I wanted to go over and pay her a compliment, but I don’t think she would like that one bit.

I certainly didn’t expect to see a man casting his net here at the beach.

He still needs lots of practice, his net was not as nice and round when it hit the water.  He was catching small fish for small bait fish.

This seems like a nice place to sit and relax, right by the ocean.

The chair rental was a bit pricey, $30 per day and I doubt if they made much money the two days that we were there, it was overcast both days.

This is the hotel that we stayed at, one of the biggest hotel that we’ve ever stayed.

It’s oceanfront, and a nice view from our 9th floor balcony.

We had a nice sunset on Sunday evening, too bad it’s not on the ocean side.

If you stayed at a place and had cops cars to visit, it’s time to checkout, I’m glad that we didn’t stay at this Inn.


  1. Hi Dallas, we all had a great time, but I think Lee enjoyed the beach the most, the cold ocean didn’t bother her one bit. We used to go every July 4th, and might visit Virginia Beach next year, I heard that it’s beautiful.

  2. Nye, nice pictures and thanks for sharing. Myrtle Beach aka “the golf capital of the world”, I have to check it out someday. Couple of summer ago, I had booked a golfing trip at Myrtle Beach and never made it there. The plan was to fly to NC, rent a car at the airport and pick up a buddy then drive south. None of that ever happen, it was a trip of hell for me. It was a long flight with few connections and finally landed in NC about midnight. First, the airline lost my golf bag, I was one piss off guy. Then I proceed to the car rental booth to pick up my rental for the week. The rental place has been close for an hour, they just stay open for me since I had a reservation. A lady at counter was very nice and kindly ask for my driver license plus credit card. After going through my wallet and bag few times, I can not find the driver license anywhere. Therefore, they can’t rent me the car without my DL. I ending up stay at the hotel near the airport for that night and my buddy pick me up the next morning.

    I never made it to Myrtle Beach after all.

    • Hi seehardhed,
      Have you been to the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay? The courses are really nice. The hotel is pricey, but you can just make it a day trip. Parking is easy and the ocean air is the best.

      • Hi Cambree, Yes!!! I’ve been to the Ritz Carlton once 8 or 9 years ago for a wedding reception. But I never play any courses in Half Moon Bay. There is one popular public course along the ocean that I want to play. So, are you a golfer too?

        Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite place to go eat some clam chowder, fish and chips. Also, the best place to buy some daily fresh catches of the day.

        • I never used to understand golf. But one day I tried it and realized it’s actually fun.

          Think it may be time to take out the golf clubs while the weather is still nice. 🙂

  3. seeharhed, I heard of the famous golf course but have not visit there myself. Your story is funny, but I bet that you didn’t think it was funny when that happened. We often get lost when we drove to the beach, and it has been a while since our last visit, I was afraid of getting us lost. We left Saturday night, the light in the car didn’t work, and I had to borrow my sister’s cell phone, and used the light from it to look at the direction while Bo was driving, and luckily we got there before midnight.

    Maybe better planning on your part next time, Myrtle Beach is not going anywhere. 🙂

  4. A perfect way to end the summer. Glad to see Lee had a great time. And nice that dad was there too.

    This is a nice reminder for me to visit the ocean soon. There’s just something refreshing and relaxing about being near the sea. 🙂

    • Cambree, I feel a sense of freedom at the beach, might be the ocean and the open sky that stretch for miles, never seem to end. It’s ashamed that we don’t live close to the beach, but I can’t complaint much, we met a Vietnamese family that came all the way from Kentucky, that’s 10 hours drive, double our distance.

      I still have a dream to visit CA coast one day. 🙂

      • Nye, maybe your next family vacation.. come out to cali:-). The weather is nice most of the year and so many places to see. You might need a week in Northern Cal and a week in Southern Cal also. I’ll be more than happy to show you guys around if you let me know ahead of time. As long Bo agree to take one day off to help me re-do my front lawn.

        • seeharhed, my plan is to fly there, then rent a car and drive down the coast for 1 week, then fly back. It’d be costly and might be several years before we can make this trip, it’d be nice if my second sister and dad can come along also. If you show us around, I’m sure Bo wouldn’t mind taking a day off to help you with your front lawn, but if you know the trick of the trade, you might not need him at all. The best way is to watch the landscapers in your area, and do exactly as them, then your front lawn will look pretty in no time.

      • Wow, that is a long drive to the coast. But it was a great end of summer treat for the family. 🙂

        I think you will enjoy the California coast. If you take scenic highway 1, you can’t get lost. My points of interest would include Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Carmel, China Beach (in SF) and of course Half Moon Bay!

        • Cambree, they said it’s either Myrtle Beach SC or Key West FL, the distance is the same. If that were me, I’d choose Key West FL, but I bet it’s cheaper in SC.

          Thanks for the tip, I’ll make note for myself, I think our family will enjoy visiting CA. If we’ve time, driving cross-country would be fun, but might be too much for my dad to handle.

    • mozemoua, the weather like this is making people sick also. I went to the apple festival today and it was rainy and didn’t take any picture. 😦

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