The Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled photo by ankur23
Road Less Traveled photo by ankur23

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My three year anniversary of blogging is coming up, November 25, 2009, and by then I hope to reach my goal of 1,000,000 hits and hopefully I’ll make it in 3 months.  There is so much to blog about these days, and I realized that I’ve a skill that I always take for granted, being able to read Thai language allows me to translate numerous articles, one of my favorites being ghost story, and there are so much more out there.  But instead of taking the wide path, I chose a narrower path, topics that I’m more familiar with, perhaps the road less traveled by many bloggers, but yet it has been very rewarding to me.

I’ve to say that I take “the middle way” lifestyle, as one of the Buddhists that take the ‘middle road’ in life, one of no extremes, neither too passive nor aggressive.  At the beginning of my blogging, I seemed to blog by myself, but that didn’t deter me from blogging and now things are looking much better, and I want to thank my readers that read my blog on a regular basis, or you might be one that tune in every once in a while or only read from my feed, thank you for walking down this road with me, even if it’s only for a brief moment.

My current Stats is 901,768 hits, busiest day was Monday May 4, 2009 with 2,661 hits, I’ve 767 Posts thus far and 3,921 comments.  I’ll leave my stats (auto generates by WordPress) visible on the sidebar for everyone to see if I’d reach my goal of 1,000,000 hits by November 25, 2009.


  1. Hi Nye,
    Time does seem to fly! I think you will reach your goal in no time.

    Again, happy to have cross blogging paths with you. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary. 🙂

    • Cambree, I’m happy that I’ve found your blog, and thank you for the well wish.

      I missed my second year anniversary, I was stranded in Thailand at the time, but hope this 3 year anniversary will be better. My worse fear is when wordpress stats comes to a complete stop, which it had happened before and I can’t say that they restored all the hits back like they promised. But since it’s free, I can’t complain much. 🙂

  2. Nye, I’ll help you reach that goal soon. 🙂 Unfortunately, I just found your blog about 6 or 7 months ago and I’ve been a regular reader since. 2 thumbs up for you!!!

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