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Fun, Funky Birthday Party

Funky Town by Phone Phoummithone I had to work late yesterday, and didn’t think I’d make it to my co-worker’s son birthday party.  Then the birthday boy stopped by and personally invited me, twice he reminded me “…don’t forget, it starts at 6:30 tonight.” It rained on the way there, the place was starting to… Continue reading Fun, Funky Birthday Party

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My Aunt’s Flooded Rice Paddy in Laos

Bouangeun-Kou Lap Paksan (Paksan Rose) I received a phone call from my cousin yesterday morning, it was a pleasant surprise, all the way from Paksan, Laos. I mailed my Aunt some pictures and my cousin called to tell me that her mom received the package.  This was the second time that I sent her pictures,… Continue reading My Aunt’s Flooded Rice Paddy in Laos

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Beware! Bring “Nung” without License into America and Fined $300

This is a translated article based on a real life story from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Mr. Nhandom from Lampang in Thai Language, translated by Nye. [Definition: “Nung” in Thai and Lao language has two meanings, one being the DVD movies, or another as dried Buffalo skin, the usage of the word “Nung” can… Continue reading Beware! Bring “Nung” without License into America and Fined $300

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Fall Garden

What about now by Chris Daughtry It has been raining a lot lately, very gloomy and things seem very depressing no matter where you turn. As for most businesses in our area, they're thriving, many are focusing on cost cutting rather than revenue generating since it's a hopeless situation to bring in more business.  It's… Continue reading Fall Garden