Third Week of Rice Harvest

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I stopped by the Rice paddy on Friday after work, I had to do a few quick snapshots because it was threatened to rain on me.  There were dark patches of cloud above and I heard thunders from a distance, not a good sign at all.

The first Rice paddy is almost complete, it has been 3 weeks of harvesting.

I believed these are white rice or most called it Jasmine rice, it’s a darker shade than the sticky rice, but lighter than Kao Kom (purple sticky rice) by the look of the rice pods.

These are Kao Kom, purple sticky rice.

Some rice plants are still young, the rice pods just came out, kind of surprised me that there is that much different in maturity, only about 1 week of late planting than the rest of the paddy.


I think I might have found the answer to their problems, Stink bugs, just the name of it doesn’t sound good at all.  Stink bugs feed on over 52 plants, including native and ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, weeds, and many cultivated crops.

They come in different colors, these I took several weeks back whilst visiting Bo’s friend.

The preferred hosts are nearly all wild plants, and rice is no exception. Stink bugs inflict mechanical injury to the seed as well as transmit the yeast-spot disease organism. The degree of damage caused by this pest depends to some extent on the developmental stage of the seed when it is pierced by the stink bug’s needle like mouth parts, and the result is this rice pods below.

This is the first time I saw white dust on their rice pods and if I have to guess it must be Seven Dust or spelled Sevin Dust, not the same Sevendust, the American metal band from Atlanta, Georgia.

My little buddy from last week, poor guy.

Bamboo trees next to the Rice paddy, they also help hide part of the rice paddy from the road.


  1. Nye, those rice looks good. If I live near by, I probably drive to their farm and offer to buy some of the rice from them.

    Thanks again for sharing all those nice pictures. All those bamboo looks good too.

    • Hi seeharhed, I’m thinking about buying her Kao Kom, I think she sells her sticky rice to the Asian market, it’s very expensive. I heard her cousin said that it’s fresh and a gallon zip lock might be as much as $27, this is based on her cousin and I’ve not asked her yet.

    • lady0fdarkness, you’re welcome, it was a long comment. 🙂

      In comparison to last year, this year rice crops are not as pretty but I’m sure she’ll have enough to last her till next season and have some to sell.

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