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When we first came to America back in the 80s, like most refugee from Laos, we didn’t have a lot, so minimalist lifestyle was not a luxury, but a necessity for us, we learned to live with very few items.  I think that all had changed when we moved to North Carolina, I discovered myself having a new addiction, buying furniture.  This was not a surprise to me, or shouldn’t be to anyone because after all, some regard the city as the Furniture Capital of the World and it is called ‘North Carolina’s International City’ due to the semi-annual High Point Market that attracts 100,000 exhibitors and buyers from around the world.

These furniture are not cheap if you were to buy them in the store, such as the Hickory Furniture Mart, but that’s not where I get my furniture, I’d buy them from my sister’s work place, which they sell to their employees for a bargain price, and they often have something that I like.  When I moved into this house, I realized that I’ve too much furniture, and stopped going to all the furniture sale until yesterday.  These are Lane Venture of  Furniture Brands company, they were selling their overstock items, returned or damaged pieces, and their other well known names are Broyhill, Thomasville, Drexel Heritage, and Henredon.

This one was opened to the public, I went to one about 9 years ago and the place opened at 9 AM, and we started lining up at 6 AM, I recalled I bought a whole bunch of stuff back then.  This one opened at 10 AM and my sister said that people started to line up early, and by the time I got there at 11 AM, most of the items were sold, a bit baffled, so I asked one of the employees that works there, and he said “It has been crazy, I want to shoot myself.”  I asked him where did they get the money to buy this because some of these items are not cheap, and I knew most places cut back their hours and most don’t get to work their full week.  He said that the only thing that he could think of was that they must have purchased with borrowed money and apparently have very good credit.  As for me, I was just looking around, and not wanting anything in particular, they started moving the furniture to the loading dock area when I got there, and loading onto their pickup truck or trailer to take them home.

The furniture were still there, but the tickets were gone, which meant that the item has been sold.

My oldest sister wants some outdoor furniture for her new place, and 9 years ago you can get one of these for less than $35, but not anymore, these were selling for $145 each, a bit pricey for her.

These are not cheap either, $135 each.

I love the fabric patterns.

This is a nice piece with granite top, and not too pricey, I think it was less than $100 but it was sold.

This was $280, kind of pricey for me, I used to pay $80 for something like this.

Now these are a real bargain, a bamboo entertainment center for only $100 and it’s great for storage, house TV or computer.

This one is not bad, only $45.

I would love to have these, but after I saw the price, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them, a set of 3 for $295, although these would be great for storing Lee’s toys.

I love Chinese inspired pieces, I have several at home.

This would be great for outdoor, I didn’t even check the price, and it was sold.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t buy anything.


  1. I do notice that when I come by NC I see a lot of funiture stores. I’ve only been funiture shopping once, and that was when I bought my bed set.. Not ready for any more funiture til I move out of my parents house, which means it’ll be a long time.

    • mozemoua, I like furniture and the good ones last a lifetime so I was very careful in choosing my pieces, I enjoy browsing around, it’s very relaxing to me.

    • Hi Wrought Iron Entry Doors, to the people that know about the products, these are considered cheap when they are selling a chest for less than $200 here and $1,969 in store.

  2. The street where I live, is a furniture district so no wonder I see the same exact rattan furniture. Are those furniture being shipped from Asia to the US? I can see most of them are made of rattan but wow, some aren’t cheap. huh?

    Only if I have a big apartment. I need one of those rattan cabinets for my wardrobes.

    • Hi K, most of these rattan are made from Asia and the cushions and sofas are assembled in the US. They are very pricey here in the US, a good leather sofa average about $2000, but if you go to one of these sales you can get it for anywhere from $400 to $1000. My second sister’s work place used to have a silent bid and I used to go there a lot and pay less than $100 for a dresser, chairs, table or sofas, I don’t do that anymore, I’ve enough furniture to decorate another house.

  3. Nye, I can use some furniture at my place. My living room is so bachelor pad, nothing matches.. colors, shapes, or sizes. hahhahahha I thought about taking pictures of my living room and send it to HGTV. I might get help from one of the HGTV stars to do a make over. hahah

    I am so clueless when comes to arrange furniture. All I want is… big flat screen tv and comfy sofa.. That’s it!!! I’m set, that’s where I’ll eat my dinner and camp out during football season. LOL

    A friend of mine from NC saw my place and made a comment like.. Looks like you can use some furniture in your house and said too bad I live too far from NC. He knows a guy would sell stuffs for cheap but the shipping will cost me arms and legs.

    • seeharhed, the style is mixed and matched this day, mixing the old and the new or timeless classic. I don’t like my furniture to be uniform, but I do like them to be masculine. I didn’t know a lot about furniture when I was younger until I worked for my GI Joe sister, I saw how the designer put together a room, and some of her works were in Home and Garden Magazine, it’s kind of neat. Then I started watching HGTV and learned so much from the shows, now I hardly have time to watch TV anymore. We do have nice furniture in NC, some fly here just to shop for furniture, I guess we’re lucky that we live here.

  4. Glad you’ve managed not to buy anything. Looks like a great way to spend the day.

    My dream furniture would be French chic, and my dream house would be a French villa in the Provence countryside. Plenty of fresh air and fresh flowers. 🙂

    • Cambree, I like French chic fabric for bedding and drapery, makes the room warm and welcoming. French villas are nice, I saw many whilst visiting Laos and Thailand, although we don’t have many in our area except for some near the lake and it’s very pricey. I bet that French Villas in your area are pricey also.

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