From Tiger Woods Look a Like to a Person Under Suspicion

Meet Bo, he is 100 percent Lao.  When we were living in our old neighborhood, the neighborhood kids used to call him Tiger Woods, he would try to correct them, ‘If I were Tiger Woods, would I be living in this neighborhood?’ But still, when ever they saw him walking Teddy, they would say ‘Hey Tiger Woods!’

Several years back, he went to a conference in Denver Colorado and flew there with 2 of his co-workers.  His work place booked him an economy (coach) class seat and he sat next to a lady.  After he sat down, she asked if he was Tiger Woods.  A bit amused but he was used to the kids calling him that, so he said, ’If I were Tiger Woods, would I be sitting in a Coach Class?’ That was over 5 years ago.

Well, as of right now, there is a good chance that he might be attending the White House Beer Summit after what had happened yesterday.  It was the second day of school and Lee decided that she wanted to ride a school bus home, which I told Bo to let her try it out to see if she would like it.  Lee is not a latchkey kid, our flexible work schedules allow one of us to stay home with her at all times.  As of this year, I knew of several American parents that couldn’t afford to pay for their children after school program, so they became the latchkey kids where they would come home to an empty house with no supervision, they are as young as 7 or 8 years old, too young to be left alone in my opinion.

Lee teacher is Mrs. Bond, this should foretell that there will be a lot of action this year.  Lee was a bit nervous, she memorized her bus number so she won’t get on the wrong bus, but I think Bo was more nervous than her.  He went to the bus stop early to wait for her, not knowing for sure what time the school bus would drop her off.  He was 25 minutes early, stood around at the school bus stop, and played with his iPhone, studying for his upcoming Professional exam, then a cop car pulled up.  He informed Bo that one of the neighbors called to report of a suspicious person and asked for his identification. Bo told the cop that he lives down the road and was waiting for his daughter that‘s riding a school bus, and he fumbled with his wallet to get his ID.  He took out his work ID, another ID, then his driver license.  The cop checked him out and left, it’d have been funny if they were to take him in.

He told the bus driver of what happened, then she asked him if he is going to press charges, and maybe he would get to attend the next Beer Summit.  I thought that was funny, this is a nice neighborhood  and we moved here almost 6 years ago, and Bo walks Max several times a day in the neighborhood, kind of surprised that this neighbor didn’t recognize him.  He asked Lee if he looked like a criminal, and she said ‘Just a little bit.’  I think Bo is ready to move back to our old neighborhood, looking like Tiger Woods is a lot better than looking like a criminal.


  1. Nye, if Bo did not show his ID, for sure we will have another white house beer summit II. hahahhaha I guess you guys are the only asian in the neighborhood? If that same incident ever happen to me, I would demand the cop to tell me who called in. Is Bo a golfer? Tiger comes comes to Charlotte every year, Bo should wear all Tiger gears and walk around the course during the tournament week.

    • seeharhed, we’re not the only Asian in the neighborhood, there are 3 Vietnamese families here, one right across the street from us. Bo is not a golfer, and thank goodness for that because it’s a very expensive sport, and he plays tennis and pretty good at it. Most people that know Bo find this very funny because he is a comedian and I’d imagine how he reacted when the cop approached him, I’m sure he didn’t think it was funny at the time. When he called to tell me, I was ROFL.

    • seeharhed I’ll be the Asian Tiger Woods look a like, that would be cool, but might have to practice my swing, it’s not the same as swinging the tennis racket you know.

      • Bo, yea that would be cool and probably make some good $$ too. I was once a tennis player myself, til I converted to golf and never look back since. Although, I must say.. tennis is lot cheaper to play then golf. So many of my tennis buddies are all playing golf now.

        Tiger Woods got alot of people playing golf and mostly asian.

        • seeharhed most Lao people converted to golf, is it status symbol or something? you know it’s more expensive than tennis and that’s why I never got into golfing and also I find that it’s very boring to just walking around, I like more action. I do like playing putt putt golf with my little girl.

          • Bo, I’m not so sure about the status symbol. I got into golfing by accident actually, I went to company golf outing with co-workers to drive the cart around and drink some beers. That was my first time on any golf course ever and I got laughed at pretty bad. From that very day, I was hooked and was determine to improve my game. The next weekend after that I went out and got myself a set of clubs. Since then I don’t know how many sets I went through already LOL. I compare it to women shopping habit with more purses and shoes they can wear.

            At first, I didn’t even know that lao people golf at all. Til I ran into them at the golf course, because they are so LAO(loud). hahahha I can hear them arguing from 2 holes away LOL.

            I gave my Wilson (Hammer 2) rackets to my uncle few years ago. I think is the name of the rackets, it was a bit pricey back then.

            • seeharhed, Bo is busy but you’ve interesting story, and thanks for sharing. I guess Lao people are Loud, this is very similar to my oldest sister’s story, she was visiting Washington DC right before July 4th and met a group of monks that came for July 4th at Wat Lao Buddavong and they were touring at Washington DC. One of the monks said to her that she must be Lao Pakse and she asked him how did he know, and he said only Lao Pakse would speak this Loud. Our family speak real Loud, must be the Southern Lao. 🙂

            • seeharhed I went to a driving range once but I don’t like it, I think it’s time consuming, and golfing you need a lot of time and patient and I don’t have both, everyone have their own game and a place to hang out with their buddies. Tennis came to me when I was in HS and college, it’s something quick and simple, and I still have my tennis racket that I got in HS. I think I will stick with tennis, it’s something that I enjoy.

  2. His stride is somewhat resemblance of Tiger’s walking the fairway at The Masters. Max can be his caddy:))

    Maybe he should go out there with a golf club in his hand next time, that way he can really use it. Didn’t know Bo likes beer???LOL

    Is he getting his tennis gears and shaping up? I’m 10-0 now…but about to lose any day now for bragging:((…instant ‘karma’ always get ya. I’ll let you know if I lose today or NOT!!! Getting tennis elbow, let’s hope not.

    • PaNoy, Bo doesn’t like beer, but I guess I was just referring to the racial incident prior to the Beer Summit, you must not be an American since you didn’t get the joke. 😉 But if he were invited to one at the White House, I’m sure he won’t mind drinking their beer. I don’t think he has been practicing his tennis, you might beat him again. 🙂

    • PaNoy I am ready, bring your racket and your balls down when you’re in town. (that don’t sound right, but you know what I mean.)

  3. Bo and I must have “criminal looks” seven years ago I moved to a small town in Western Maryland. I got stopped by the county sheriff twice on the same day on different street corners. A week later driving back from my parent house with more of my belonging back of my car. I got stopped by Local Police department. The cop asked me what I was doing out at 3 am and ask for my I.D I have PA driver licence still and he proceed to ask me what my street address. I told him the address but it doesn’t exist in his computer system because it was brand new development. He didn’t believe me. He was going to arrest me with stolen property, so I have to proved that it does exist and I have just move in. He follows me to my place. I didn’t let him in my house, he followed me home it not of my safety. Really he was going arrest me. Till today I still get stopped by sheriff, local police and the state trooper.
    There is still racism in a small town.
    Still today they still ask me if I celebrate thanksgiving Huh and I lived in the U.S over 30 yrs. What a joke!!

    • salalao, there is still a lot of racial discrimination against minority, more so in small town and most of us learn it from experience. Bo gets followed a lot by the state trooper, especially late at night and they’d follow him all the way to our neighborhood, and after they saw he drove in the driveway, they’d then pass him, they obviously knew where he lives just by the license plate, but I guess they thought he stole the car or something, and this happens many times that he knew the routine.

      When we first bought our first house, we asked the listed Realtor to show us the house, and she asked us if we were US citizens and what made us think that we could afford that house since we were in our 20s. Stuff like that never bothered me and maybe it’s because I was from NYC, and the US citizen part was a joke because my parents weren’t US citizens when we bought our house in PA and NYC.

      After we moved into our house, the lady at the homeowner association came by and saw me sat at the front porch, she asked if I rented the house. It was a new construction and I think she just assumed since we’re young and Asian, and some even asked if we lived with our parents. But I do have to admit that it’s less discrimination for the Asian than the Black and Hispanic in our area.

    • Hi salalao when I was living in my old neighborhood, I was walking my dog at night and a cop stop me and told me I shouldn’t be out late walking my dog, I think it was at 1 AM. I have been followed a lot but they never pull me over, I think they associate young Asian people with a nice car as drug dealer especially if it’s late at night, and it’s hard for them to tell our age.

      I also move my things in my car when I was younger, but I didn’t get pull over, I’m glad because they might see my dirty clothes.

  4. It is nice to finally meet Mr Nye. Nice to meet you Bo. I hear too many stories of discrimination by the people and the police from Laotians that live in your State. I can relate.
    The people treat you more differently in a small town. Also they speak slowly ans repeat themselves as if they didn’t think we understand what they are saying. I am so glad I live in Dallas.

    • Dallas, he has been hiding all these years. I’m from a small town, but I have a big city folks mentality and think, talk and walk fast.

    • Hi Dallas nice to meet you also, I hear so much about you. Since many drug related incidents involving Asian people in our area, people are on the look out more, but it’s no big deal, they’re just doing their job.

  5. Cool t-shirt! It is nice to meet Bo. Maybe next time if Max comes along your neighbor will be less suspicious.

    Small town or big cities, there is a fair share of everything. In some cities in California, it’s dangerous to be out past 8 pm. And other parts, you can walk to the 24 hour grocery store at 2 am.

    • Cambree, racist is a battle that many of us have to face each day, and one would think that education would soften the way some people think, but many still have the small town mentality and see the minority as being here to steal their jobs. But good thing that we don’t take things like this to heart, and life goes on.

    • Hi Cambree nice to finally meet you, absolutely love your soap. The reason that I didn’t take Max along is because he is not good around kids, and Lee is afraid of him sometimes. Hopefully they’ll get use to me soon without Max, and I wait near my house now and walk down with other parents that live close to me.

  6. Same as Dallas, it’s nice to finally meet Mr. Nye!!! Since we’ve met Lee a while back it was nice to finally meet Nye’s better half!!!

    aha, that was a bit funny, they should at least realized that it’s one of the neighbors if he walks your dog everyday.

    • mozemoua, this goes to show that Max has more credential than Bo in this neighborhood. 🙂 It’s no big deal really, it might be our new neighbor and she didn’t recognize him, now she’d recognize Bo for sure, no mistake again I hope.

    • Hi mozemoua nice to meet you and I like your avatar, it represents your culture well.

      It goes to show how much people pay attention, and if anyone that looks suspicion, it should be Nye since she doesn’t go out a lot, I’m surprised they didn’t call the cop on her in the morning, but maybe it’s because she is with Lee walking her to the Bus stop.

  7. Let me jump in here a bit…Hello Bo. You know Kinh got into golf as well, and I know he probably still suck at it like me, but it’s really a great game. It’s one of those game that you play and you go…”I’m challenging myself, and I know I can do better.” That’s maybe why I’m still hook on it.

    I like tennis as well, and I’m glad I got back in to playing it again. Come to think of it, I think I’m beginning to like tennis more than soccer, and you know how much I love soccer. Now sports is becoming more of a way for me to stay fit. Sure, there’s not much fitness in golf, but the mental thing in golf gets you hook on it more than any other sport. I better get off before I get too winded…and I know that really piss people off. LOL

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