More Photos of Danny Bunyavong at Target

If you think that I am Danny’s biggest fan, you’re not far from it, but I’m sure I am not the only one. I heard that Danny has his second set of Target commercial photos out at Target, so today, I had a mission to go take his picture at my local Target, and here they are, photos from North Carolina Target Store.

I was accompanied by my lovely assistance, she was doing her Hula Lee dance, as you can see a huge picture of Danny.

Another huge photo above head level.

This one is in the men section, also a big size poster.

This photo from his first set of Target commercial is still up.


  1. Nye, I have to pick up something from Target in a day or two. If I see Danny pictures, I’ll take some pictures and send it your way. I bet you that Danny does not even wear Target brands at all. hahhahahha

    • Hi seeharhed, thanks. Our local Target is not that big, I heard that the 2 story Target stores have a bigger picture of him. I’d love to see that. Maybe he wears their socks or underwear. 🙂

      • Nye, I forgot to tell you.. I was at Target couple weeks ago and only saw one picture of Danny. It was the same picture you had already post it. Sorry no big poster or anything.. I’ll try to go back every couple or so.. maybe they might have it up.

        • Hi seeharhed, thanks for looking out for Danny’s picture. His mom said that someone that she knew saw a huge size, she made it sounds like it covers the whole wall, from 1st to 2nd floor wall, so I’m not sure. But you know how word of mouth goes sometimes, a mouse might sound like an elephant at times. 😉

  2. Saw Danny’s new pictures up here as well when we went to Target last week. It was the 2nd picture from the bottom. V saw it too, and we’re very happy for him.

    I think C & B can make the kids’ section with all those beautiful photos someone took for us:))

    • PaNoy, I wondered if people would recognize him if I didn’t post about his photos at Target.

      I’m glad you like the baby photos, I still have so much to learn.

  3. Glad to see your lovely assistance is having as much fun as Danny.

    I was at Target recently, but did not make it to the men’s department. Just the beauty & garden section.

    Feels like it’s a small world after all. 🙂

    • Cambree, I think Lee had too much fun and I was afraid that she might knock off the poster. Must be a small world, I was at the cosmetic section also checking out the Alba product. 🙂

  4. Ahh he is soo hot! I don’t shop at target but maybe I should just pay a visit so i can see his pictures!

  5. Eeek more pictures of Danny! I was disappointed when I went to Target in Destin, FL & saw only 1 picture of Danny there! I was really disappointed. I searched the whole store looking for more of Danny, but didn’t see anymore but 1 big one and that was it. I should’ve taken pictures of it.

    I think I might have to go to the Target here in town and see how many pictures of Danny there are. Trying to spread “Danny Love.” hehe.

    • Hi Julie, I thought it’d be standard for every Target store, but I guess not, I’d love to see the one in your local store. 🙂

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