Second Week of Rice Harvest

Friday was a beautiful day with Carolina blue sky, I stopped by the rice paddy after work, and the lady that owns the middle paddy was harvesting her rice crops.  I saw her 2 weeks ago and gave her last year’s photos that I had developed for her, and it was this time last year when I first met her.

The hot summer sun really speeds things up, her rice crops are beautiful.

Sticky Rice

Kao Kom or Purple Sticky Rice

She said that some of the rice pods started to die and couldn’t figure out why, I noticed that a while back also, and it’s kind of odd because the rice plants still look very healthy.

Perhaps this little guy has something to do with it.

I noticed that the grasshoppers love to hide, I must be a giant to them, here is a closeup photo of him.

At first I couldn’t figure out what this net is for, and if it were a trap for insects, I wonder if it works.

After seeing this little guy dangling here, I guess it does work.

See what he looks like closeup.

This is the first paddy near the road, it belongs to my co-worker, and she harvested hers last week and this week.

I like her boots, this is what people in Laos need to wear in their rice paddy.


    • Hi mozemoua, you’re welcome. It’s nice to see them enjoying themselves working out in the field, and since things are kind of slow right now, they’ve plenty of time to harvest their rice crops. I plan to burn these photos in CDs for them so they’ll have something to keep since I have so many, I think they’d like that.

    • lady0fdarkness, I want to try their rice, I wonder what it taste like since it’s fresh. I think they’re selling it, I might ask to buy some.

  1. Nye, those grasshoppers looks yummy too!! hahahahha kua tuk ka tan are so yummy and high on proteins 🙂 or tum jel tuk ka tan.. now, I’m hungry.. LOL The last time I had some grasshoppers was on my last trip back to Laos.

    • seeharhed, I told the lady that her net caught a grasshopper, she asked me if it were still alive and I thought it was but looked real tire and she said ‘go get it out’. I asked if she would eat it, and she said no, not since she moved to America. I never ate Jel tuk ka tan before, I guess you grill them first before you turn them into hot sauce. I didn’t get to eat tuk ka tan when I visited Laos, just Jeelor that my cousin put in her bamboo soup.

      • Nye, I think you’re missing out:-). Yes! you’ll have to grill them tuk ka tan, onion, peppers, garlic, and few other ingredients. Oh.. jeelor is also so awesome when you deep fried it, especially with beerlao :-).

        • seeharhed, I see you’re an expert in this, but I wonder if America Tuk Ka Tan is as good as a Lao Tunk Ka Tan, maybe if I captured enough, I might give it a try. 🙂

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