Borrow Things

It’s only Rock ‘n Roll by the Rolling Stone (music borrowed from the library)

With today’s economy it is wised to borrow things to save money, but one thing that you borrow that wouldn’t save you money, but actually cost you more is to borrow money, unless you’re borrowing it from your family without interest and no due date as when you can pay back.  It is true that borrowing money can help you do things that you otherwise couldn’t do, but this can get you into trouble, especially if you’ve to borrow to buy your everyday necessity such as your grocery, or a bit more luxury lifestyle in my book is eating out, and some people have this mentality of why use your own money to buy things when you can use other people’s money.  This can get you in trouble if all you can pay is the minimum payment and the accrued interest just keep piling up.  My rule of thumb is to only borrow money to buy big items that I view as an investment such as a car or a house.

It is also a good idea to save money by borrowing things that you only need infrequently, but not a good idea if it is going to cost the loaner more money.  I guess I learned this from experience, I used to borrow my dad’s garden tools several years back since I didn’t use it very often back then, and didn’t want to pay money to buy it, his were old and he didn’t seem to mind as long as I take good care of them.  I guess sometimes I kept it too long, or he had his eyes on a new one, and he ended up buying new ones.  This happened several times, so I stopped borrowing things from him.  Although I’m thinking about borrowing his step ladder so I can remove the bird’s nests on the columns of my front porch, but I’m afraid that he might end up giving it to me.

The one lifestyle changes that I made and very happy is to start borrowing things from the library, this is great because we’re helping the environment by reusing instead of consuming.  We used to visit Barnes and Noble book store once in a while for Lee to buy her books, and even then it was very expensive, and since she could only pick one, her choice was very limited, so she ended up only buying the one that she really liked.  This has all changed since my friend told me about borrowing books from the library, and Tuesday is our library day since they open late.  Lee now borrows as many as 15-20 books, DVD movies, and I also borrow books and music CD.  Lee is now reading books that I’d never thought of buying for her, and she is learning so much more about other cultures as well, and the best part is that it’s free.  Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be, the best thing in life is free? I know it is for me.

I think some people take the idea of borrowing too far and it becomes stealing.  I heard on the radio a while back that one caller called in and said that she borrowed her children school pictures by scanning them into her computer, some even had watermark printed in the background, “PROOF“, which only proves that you’re stealing.


  1. Libraries are one of the best resources around. Not only can you borrow all these cool things, nobody seems to remember them so they are almost always in stock. Not sure how it is around you but in Nashville we can go on line and request a book and if it is not at our local library they will ship it to it and hold it till you can pick it up.

    • Hi Jeffrey, thanks for stopping by. Our system works somewhat similar here in North Carolina, we can go online and ask them to hold the book for us, or the movie, and if they don’t have it, then they’ll put your name on the waiting list, and when it becomes available, then they’ll give you a call and you’ve 7 days to pick it up. They don’t ship anything to us, we have to pick it up at our local branch, which is not bad at all.

  2. I’ve been cutting back with this economy. I swear I dont feel a difference at all, I feel super poor now. pity me. ehehe

    • mozemoua, it’s a lifestyle change that we all have to adjust, made us think twice before splurging on something. 😦 Just like Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, it’s not my house, I live in a brick house. This neighborhood has a variety of houses, and some look retro, I especially like this one because it looks like a Yankee house.

  3. I’m glad to hear you and Lee are enjoying the library visits. I’m thinking of stopping my magazine subscriptions soon. It’s better to just stop by the library and check them out there. Like you mention, it’s less waste!

    Btw, I heard in Portland they have a neighborhood program for lending/loaning tools (power tools, garden tools, etc). I think it’s a great idea and would love to see them do that everywhere.

    • Cambree, my sister also start taking Miss Little Sunshine to the library which is great. I stopped all my magazine subscriptions except for 1 Thai Magazine, I either read them at the grocery line or Library now.

      That would be great if we’ve a program like Portland here. The only thing that we’ve here is to rent tools, and it’s not bad if you only need it once or twice and it’s very expensive.

  4. I am pretty bad on returning items back to their owners. But, I’m glad most of the items belong to my brother and dad. If you go back to check out my garden pictures, you’ll see the metal roller leaning against the fence. I had borrow that thing from my co-worker about 5 months ago and I still haven’t yet return it. hahahahhaah After reading your blog, I will make an effort to return it. lol

    Few years ago, I lend my nice HP calculator to a friend and that was the last time I saw it. He moved back to Hawaii and never heard from him again.:-)

    • seeharhed, when I borrow stuff now, as soon as I’m finished, I’d return it right away, except for books and videos that a friend lend me, sometimes I’d forget since I have so many. I don’t like to lend things to people if they don’t take good care of it, especially if it was returned broken and they claimed that it was broken when they got it, I know I’m not crazy yet.

      Well, it’s good that this post is a reminder to you and I’m sure your co-worker would want it back.

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