Lotus in August at Biltmore Estate

Lotus has always been a symbol of Buddhism to me, but there is another symbol of strength in relation that I heard when I was little, and read it here that its symbolic characteristic of the Lotus flower leads from the observation that the plant’s stalk is easy to bend in two, but is very hard to break because of its many strong sinuous fibers. Poets use this to represent a close unbreakable relationship between two lovers or the members within a family, showing that no matter how far away they might live nothing can really separate them in heart.

My last visit was the peak season for the Water Lilies, and I’m surprised to see a different variety of Lotus at this time of the year. I’ve seen the big round leaves before but have never seen its Lotus flower until now, I often called this a Buddha Lotus but really don’t know the official name.

This leave has a heart shape.

I’ve never seen a purple Lily before, I love the deep rich color.

It’s ashamed that the Lotus seeds are just drying up, I know someone that would love to eat the seeds.

There are many dragonflies and butterflies hovering over the pond, they perched here and there long enough for me to take picture, this one is bigger than your average size dragonfly, closeup image.

There are many fish, and frogs in the pond, this one is just hanging out under the shade, closeup image.


  1. Wow! The BIG leaves are like ‘floating plates.’ But where are the foods on them??? LOL. Beautiful pictures Nye. Thank you for sharing.

    Remember, ‘Ponyo,’ the latest Miyazaki movie started yesterday. I heard it’s really great for kids, and ‘some of us adults’ as well:))

    • Hi PaNoy, the leaves also has thorns at the bottom, Bo actually touched it to see if it would prick and it did, and it does look a lot like a plate.

      I hope to go see Ponyo with Lee, maybe next weekend, I saw the commercial on TV the other day, and I think it’s more for kids. πŸ™‚

  2. Nye, Looks like you’re getting good use of annual pass. Nice pictures as always, I hope to visit this place someday:-)

    During this time of the year, it is probably pretty hot and humid there right?

    • Hi seeharhed, thanks, during this time of the year, Ashville NC looks and feels just like Laos. It’s nice to have a season pass and I hope to go back again in the fall.

  3. Nye
    I love the pictures!!, it shows the shadow of the flowers reflecting off the water. Great shot.

    • Hi Salalao, thanks, I like the first photo, the reflection of Biltmore house best, it’s like a new discovery when I first saw it.

      Their Lilies are healthy, and many beautiful Lotus in bloom.

  4. Perfect pictures I saved on my PC I will use the images for painting maybe oil or water color don’t know yet.

  5. Wow those gigantic plate-leaves.

    The place is kinda historical, very romantic. Is that a castle? Must be a good place for a retreat.

    I think I’ve tasted lotus leaf, usually Chinese cooking mixes it in their soups, it tastes like a sweet root crops.

    • K, they called it a house, it’s America’s largest home, but I think it’s a castle. It was once lived by George Vanderbilt’s family in the late 1800 and early 1900.

      It’s a great place for retreat, there is so much to do there. My mom used to cook the lotus roots in a soup, and I used to go get for her when I was little, but it’s real hard to get. I think the Chinese also use the leaves to wrap their food also, just like the Lao and Thais use banana leaves to wrap our food sometimes.

  6. They have all different water lilies color here. And I’ve also never seen purple water lilies – they are pretty.

    Oh, I see some young green lotus seed there. I wonder if they would let me have a taste test? πŸ˜‰

    • Cambree, it’s a treat to see so many different varieties and colors. I thought of you when I saw the lotus seeds, but I didn’t dare get it for you, I didn’t want to be banned from this place yet. πŸ™‚

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