Living Flower Carpet at Biltmore Estate

I do have to say that money can buy almost anything, when I heard of a Flower Carpet on Biltmore’s South Terrace, I had to see it for myself because I knew it was all gravel Terrace in that area, I don’t see how they can plant the flowers up there.  I visited Biltmore on Saturday, second day that they have their Flower Carpet, and seeing is believing, a beautiful carpet of live flowers.

A heaven for bees and butterflies, I spotted a black blue swallowtail butterfly.

A lot of watering to do, she must have a very strong back.

So what is their secrete? The flowers are in containers, and the grass are sods.

And as a result, a beautiful living flower carpet.


  1. The 2008 flower carpet was very vibrant. Maybe this one is not quite in full bloom yet. You would think they install a temporary sprinkler system; but it’s proberly cheaper for her to water by hand. Lots of work…I can’t imagine removing the dead flowers/leaves so the new ones can show through.

    • PaNoy, this was the second day, so it might not all came out yet, but it looks nice. The 2008 flower carpet photo was taken from a higher ground than mine, might be from inside the house and the patterns are more uniform, I guess they’ve a different design each year.

      The lady actually had an assistant that helped her carry a hose, and it’s a man. 😉

    • seeharhed, not volunteer, but work part time. 🙂 They’ve been very busy lately and that’s a good sign that people are spending money.

    • lady0fdarkness, they also offer a romantic dinner at this time of the year and I can imagine the lights and music playing in the background, must be nice, but it’s kind of pricey. Laying there looking at the stars, it couldn’t get any better… but flower carpet might not be too comfortable. 🙂

  2. That is beautiful and creative too. A bee’s paradise!

    I can only imagine how beautiful it will be during the Christmas season. Hopefully you will be able to share some photos with us. 🙂

    • Cambree, Christmas would be a treat, but most of the decorations are inside the house and we’re not allowed to take picture. 😦 But hopefully they’ll have interesting stuff outside also.

      • I think you’ve mention this before… No photos allowed inside. Duh!

        But I’m sure they will do plenty of outdoor decorations. So more pretty photos for us to look forward too now. 🙂

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