A Room With a (Scary) View Part I

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Sao Muang Kon in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

It was back in 2002, (Thai year 2545) when I had a job at an IT clothing store in the outskirt of town.  I didn’t like the long commute so I decided to move out from my aunt’s house and rented an apartment that’s within 10 minutes of walking distance.  It was a 4 story building, sat at a dead end road, and on the left hand side was an empty lot with overgrow bushes and had Gratin Trees all over the place.  What’s worse was that there were many old spirit houses that people thrown away and it became a dumping ground for old spirit house, it started to piling up, and on the right hand side was a parking lot and next to it was a wall that fenced a subdivision.

My room was on the side of the junk car parking lot, so it was on the far right hand side of the third floor.  And on the third day after I moved in, my room got broke into, they came in through the balcony so I asked if I could move to another room.  Luckily one of my co-workers lived in my building, but on the second floor and when she heard of what had happened, she asked the building superintendence to let me stay on the same floor as her, so I got a room next to the stairway, and we shared balcony.

After I got situated in my new room, I took a shower, got dressed, and ate my dinner.  I sat and ate in front of the TV, and while I was watching a program, I felt like there was something white that flew and landed on my balcony .  I got up to go look and what I saw was…

A flyer of a movie called “Khon Hen Pee” (loosely translated as a person that saw a ghost).  At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, or if someone was playing trick on me, but thought it was just a coincidence, so I crumbled up the paper and threw it in the trash and went back to my dinner, and watching TV.

Whilst I was glued to the TV, I thought I saw some movement by the balcony again, and immediately turned to look, but nothing, so I went back to watch my program.  The situation didn’t change much, and I still felt that I saw something there, I began to feel a bit weird, but returned to watch the program on TV once more, but this time my concentration was not on the program, but the balcony, I glanced from the corner of my eye.

Within a split of a second it happened again, and I told myself that I have to know what that thing was, or is it my eyes that’s playing trick on me, that I’m seeing things, or perhaps it was someone that threw the trash down from the upper floor.  But then I started to have goose bumps on my right arm for no apparent reason, then it moved up inch by inch until it reached the back of my earlobes.   When this happened, I quit glancing, but turned to look in full view, and the image that I saw was a young lady wearing a white loose flowing outfit, she had long black hair that covered her face.  She slowly flew from the right hand side to the left.

I sat there froze, paralyzed for the time being and couldn’t move my legs, as I sat there and watched her move in slow motion, it seemed like it took her forever but she was finally out of sight.

Continued at: A Room With a (Scary) View Part II


  1. Now, I’m so convinced of watching the movie “Drag Me To Hell” opens in cinema yesterday. You know how much I love spooky movies.

    Based on your story, I accidentally saw this person from another building who then shuts the window off upon seeing my half-nekid body in my bedroom while I was changing. Well I don’t mind being watched (depending on who is watching), is just that the person was probably got scared from what he/she just saw, haha.

    • K,…too much information, LOL. I don’t think it’s scared of seeing your half-nekid body Lol, but more like embarrassed after getting caught, what do you expect, a person to wave at you…”Hey there, I’m watching 😀 ”

      I’ve not watched a scary movie in a long, long time. I’ve been watching too many dog movie lately, we borrowed a few dog movies, and now when ever they have one or new one, they’d reserve and give me a call.

  2. I’ve had situations happen to me at times. It’s scary though, but not from a balcony POV. I live out in the country so when I come home late at night I get really scared and always think there is something on the passenger side window. I get paranoid. I try not to look also. One day though, I really thought I saw something.

    It’s scary. Especially on a balcony! I’ll scream.

    Aww p’Nye have you seen “Marly and Me”?

    • Hi Juli, I saw Marly and Me last night, he reminds me of my dog, Max, and I have 3 other dog movies here. Lol, they just called me yesterday that they have reserved another one for me, lucky me. 🙂

      My youngest sister saw something also, and she kept saying that she doesn’t believe in ghost. We stayed at a hotel in VA while we were visiting Wat Lao Buddhavong last year, and we stayed on the Fourth Floor. She said that she saw a young boy looking at her in the hallway, she looked back and he ran and disappeared into the wall. There was no room there, and no doors. And this year, we went to stay at the same place, and she came with us also because she said that the ghost boy didn’t do anything to her, but she didn’t see anything this time.

      I don’t think I’m afraid of ghost, but I do believe in ghost, I guess the real test is when I’m face to face with one, I might pee in my pants then. Lol.

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