MahaNakhon Bangkok’s Tallest Building

When I saw these images, I scratched my head a couple of times, not sure what to think of this new building, and certainly don’t expect to see this in Bangkok, Thailand, see for yourself.  This image from their website made me think of 9/11.

MahaNakhon is a new 77-story high-rise complex, the construction will begin in Fall 2009. It’s a residential and hotel tower designed by internationally celebrated German architect Ole Scheeren, partner of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). The 77-story will become Thailand’s tallest building, and will be completed in 2012.

From OMA Website: The design moves beyond the traditional formula of a seamless, inert, glossy totem, and instead actively engages the city: MahaNakhon’s pixelated and carved presence embraces and connects to the surrounding urban fabric rather than overpowering it. Its glittering stacked surfaces, terraces and protrusions will simultaneously create the impression of digital pixelation and echo the irregularity of ancient mountain topography. This architectural geography is conceived to convey the energy, intensity and inclusiveness of Thai society and celebrate Bangkok’s emergence as a true global capital, fitting the Thai meaning of the name MahaNakhon, translated as ‘great metropolis’.

The building will feature seven floors of retail (including cafes and restaurants), residential units (the Ritz-Carlton Residences with 200 single-level and duplex homes managed by The Ritz-Carlton, the units will offer owners 5-star amenities and interiors designed by David Collins), a hotel and a Sky Bar. A public plaza and outdoor atrium at the foot of the building will connect MahaNakhon with the Cube, a seven-story leisure- and-dining complex. (source, to read more about the project, and also project overview at

Budget for this project is THB 18 billion (USD 515 million)

  • Images: © OMA/Ole Scheeren 2009


  1. hhhmmm.. interesting building for sure.. structural wise, it will be a challenge for the structure engineers to design around this architect plans. due to the shape/size of building, most building sizes are uniform from bottom to top.

    i guess there’s no recession in thailand, that’s alot of money for one building. i’ll try to read more about this building construction.

    • seeharhed, recession hits everyone, even in Thailand but I think there are many that have lots of money, it’s so obvious that the status in Thailand is not well-balanced, you can say the same with Laos.

      It looks like something that you’d see in a comic book, but I’d love to see it in person after it’s completed. Scheeren was also the lead architect on Beijing’s CCTV headquarters, looks kind of odd also.

    • Omg salalao, my exact thought when I first saw it, it was such a horrific incident and I’m surprised that they didn’t see this when designed. You recon it’s just us living the US that is seeing this? This image at their website with the soldiers/police officers in the background doesn’t help either, I’m not sure what message they’re trying to convey, if this is the face of Thailand now.

    • Hi bkkdreamer, I was hoping that you’d recognize the area because it didn’t say, here is a write up in the Bangkok Post, and on their website, the location is Bangkok, Thailand. Site:15,000m2 in Central Business District.

      Must be closed to a Skytrain, it said this complex network links with the adjacent Skytrain (mass transit) station to create a public realm of cafés and restaurants.

      • According to the article, it will be built near the Chong Nonsi BTS station in Bangkok. But that’s all it says…

        • bkkdreamer, thanks, I also read here that it’s “standing on more than 9 rai of land, the tower will be located directly adjacent to the Chongnonsi BTS Station, between Silom and Sathorn Roads.” I’m not familiar with the area, I’ve only been to Bangkok once and didn’t get to tour at all. I wonder how the Thais are feeling about this new building?

  2. Yikes! the building looks a bit scary, but cool at the same time. As a wimp, i don’ think I would want to live any farther than the 10th floor. ahahaha. whew!

    • mozemoua, I went up the World Trade Center (Twin towels) several times in the past, and even to the rooftop, it’s not so bad but after I saw of what happened to the Twin Towels, I wouldn’t want to live in a tall building, and a good thing that I live in a small town. 🙂

  3. Wow! That is something diferent. It does look futuristic, but mostly not completed either.

    Also looks like it’s been eaten or decayed by smog. Jk. 😉

  4. i doubt Thais feel anything much, as the item appeared in the business pages, which only business types read.

    • bkkdreamer, I kind of thought the same thing, and the residential units are for the Hi So and celebrities anyway, most average Thai citizens wouldn’t be able to afford it. Although I think it’d be interesting to see.

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