Danny Bunyavong as Casting Member of Abercrombie & Fitch

I was excited to see Danny Bunyavong as one of the casting members of Abercrombie & Fitch. I knew this for a while now but seeing it in person is even better, apparently his name was too long that the ‘g’ at the end of his last name got cut off, but he is still the same Danny that we all know, can’t wait to see more of him.  This is the proudest moment for us, Danny is the first Asian male model for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Dirtii Laundry did an interview on Danny Bunyavong 2 months ago, to read more about Danny:  Danny Bunyavong Has to be Every Girls Dream

Photo from www.abercrombie.com, click at Casting on top, third picture.


  1. Wow!!! congrats to Danny.. to be the first asian male model for AF.. I think is smart of AF to put some asian faces on their crew. Since, so many asian teenagers are wearing AF brand.

    hhmmm.. I think, I have one muscle t-shirt from AF and it was a gift I received few years ago.. hahahah I can’t believe i’m admitting to this. Walking into AF store is like entering the night club, they have the music blasting so loud.. hahahah perhaps, i’m just getting old..hahahah

    • seeharhed, can’t believe that you’re admitting that you’re getting old also. 😉 And thanks for the nice comment.

  2. hot hot hot! he is one hottie!
    yeppie congrats to our first Asian male model for AF! althought I think it’s crazy to shop at AF, their clothes are too expensive when I can just get another brand for cheaper clothes. ehehehe.

    • mozemoua, thanks for the comment (*blush even when it’s not for me 😉 )

      I don’t buy clothes from there either, Bo would buy their jeans because he gets a discount sometimes.

  3. Congrats to Danny! I hope his face will help open more doors for more aspiring Asian models too.

    I would click on the photo, but I don’t like Flash. Nothing about Danny, he is a nice looking lad. 🙂

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