Seeharhed’s Garden

I would personally visit Seeharhed’s garden and take these pictures myself, but it’s kind of hard for me to do so when I’m living on a shoestring budget, and thanks for sharing your garden with us.  Perhaps someday I will get to visit your part of town.

According to Seeharhed, this is what he said, “I planted the banana trees about 2 months ago.  As you can see… I chopped half of the tree and plant it.  My garden box is 3’x8′.. I just counted it.. looks like I have 10 different kind of herbs..  mint, puk nang tou, puk som, puk bua, hom pom, mark phet, italian oregano, italian/lao basils, and lemongrass… that’s a lot of stuff in small box.”

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  1. Seeharhed, it looks like you still have plenty of room around the side of your yard for planting, you wouldn’t even need to do raised bed (box) for them.

    I like your cement border that separates the grass from the planting area, it’s kind of neat. I’m thinking about buying some landscaping bricks for mine but it’s too costly, so I might buy the cheap kind for the bottom layer and a nice one for the top, I have to shop around.

    • Nye,

      Thanks for posting the pictures. Yes!! I do have some room behind the box and around the corner. I want to plant some fruit tree, I’m not sure which kind yet. My parents think I should plant at least one fruit tree. Once I complete the rest of the backyard, I’ll take some more pictures and send it to you.

      Yea.. I like those mowing strip of concrete, it gives you that separation. Yes, it would too costly to use bricks due to the size of your lot.

      • seeharhed, the Fall, late September and early October is the best time to plant tree, it’s cool and it’s hurricane season so you most likely get the benefit of the rain. I’d love to see the update of your backyard.

        As for me, I work in small section at a time and according to my budget, so I might tackle planting the Rose bushes and a few Crapapple trees first, they’re not too big and produce beautiful flowers in the spring, and this would be outside the garden area. The brick border might just be for the small pond that I plan to plant the Pennyworts around it, this part would be inside the garden, I have a little area for it.

      • Thanks seehardhed for sharing the photos of your garden. It must be nice to have your very own backyard herbs. It’s not only fresh but so much cheaper too!

        I think tomatoes are another thing to add to a garden. They are easy to grow and taste great picked fresh off the vine.

        And of course thanks to Nye for the post – she is our garden ambassador. 🙂

        • Cambree, you’re welcome!!! Yes, you’re right i am missing some tomatoes in my garden. After seeing all those pictures from Nye and her dad gardens, that where i got my motivation to finish mine. I’m still a rookie at this and hope to do better next year :-). Nye is a lao version of Martha Stewart for the garden. hahahha I hope I’m not offending her.

          • seeharhed, I kinda thought I was the inspiration but didn’t want to take the credit right away. 😀 Actually me as a Lao version of Martha Stewart is a compliment, thanks. 🙂

  2. I want that banana tree! hehehe.. is it possible that bananas will actually grow on them? we used to have whole bunch but I dont think I’ve ever seen any.

    • mozemoua, the only time that I saw my parents’ banana trees bear fruits was the year my mom was ill (Fall 2006), then we’ve never seen it again. 😦

      Since CA is warmer, seeharhed might not have to bring his indoor like us living in the colder part of the US.

    • mozemoua, come and get it.. hahhahah i just planted it about 2 months ago, i’m not so sure if it will bear any bananas at all. i hope it does.. these trees are very mature when i got them from my brother’s father-in-law place. it is probably 15 to 20 feet long in length, but i just chopped to like 1/4 of its original length. my friends and relatives are actually surprise that it survived.

      Nye, the weather here in CA are pretty mild compare to your east coast weather. All those trees and herbs will be staying at same place during winter time. If for some reason, we have really bad fog and freezing temp–i’ll probably just have to cover it up with plastic bags.

      • seeharhed, it must be nice not having to bring tropical plants in, and I’m sure the banana trees will bear fruit for sure, and they spread rapidly. I had always wanted to move to CA after schooling, but my parents changed my plan and I had to move here with them instead, but it’s not so bad here, I can visit CA when ever I want. It’s cheaper to live here also.

        • Nye, I think you made a wise decision to stay where you at. California cost of living is so expensive here and alot of people are moving away. I just heard on radio coming to work this morning, the latest report said CA state ranking had drop all the way to 45th place and it used to be in top 5. The state itself are broke and owed so much money, Arnold finally had the state budget for this fiscal year signed last week and so many programs were cut. Yes! the weather here is always nice and so much to do…

          NC isn’t such a bad state to live. I’ve been there like 3 times and all in summer time. ohh boy… talking about humidity–remind me of being in Laos. and yes.. it is way cheaper to live compare to CA.

          • seeharhed, I actually like the Summer in NC, and don’t mind the humidity so much, might be that it reminds me of Laos. I do miss living in a big city, but don’t miss the traffic and commuting time.

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