Rice Paddy at the End of July

I think I can spend all day by the rice paddy, it’s real nice and cool today, kind of surprised me because at this time of the year it was wickedly hot.  Most of the rice pods are out now, just a small section in the middle paddy that didn’t come out yet,  and it’s because they didn’t  finish planting it until late May.  In comparison to last week, the pods are more visible from the road now, and the aroma is real nice, I bet it would be a great spot for camping.

This Kun Tai Na (path walk between paddies) made me think of the time when I was little living in Thailand, I guess I wasn’t the strongest kid back then and I often fell off the Kun Tai Na.  One time we had a real scare, I must have been in the 2nd grade, and we were returning home from school and the rice paddies were next to the dirt road, the rice stalks were a lot taller than us, and the pods sort of arched over and practically covered us.  It was my older sister, younger sister Sue and I. Then a pickup truck drove passed us.  I guess they didn’t see us at first, but once they spotted us, they stopped the car and 2 men came out with burlap and walking toward us.  We knew then that they didn’t come in peace.

At that time there were so many incidents of kidnapping and some instances of just wanting your blood, we heard on the news all the times about ‘supe leard’ (sucks blood) and I guess there was a black market for it.  I also heard that there was, and still is a black market for child labor and pr0stitution, and we lived in a rural area in Changwat Kamphaeng Phet at the time.  Our gut instinct at that instant told us that it was not safe to stick around, so we took off running, and screaming at the same time.

After that incident, we’d walk through the rice paddies to get home, and I got better at walking on the Kun Tai Na, I guess practice makes perfect.

The damselflies like to come out late in the evening, it must have been close to 6:15 PM when I took this picture, close up image.

Hen house and backyard garden in the background.


  1. Nye,

    Nice pictures as always. Do you know if they have machine to harvest all the rice? Or they do it the old fashion way? So they live on the farm??

  2. How pretty!! I love the smell of the rice paddy, it gives off this very nice welcoming smell that i can just smell all day!!

    • mozemoua, when I first smelled it last year, I didn’t know what it was at first, and I guess I forgot when I smelled it in Thailand, and Laos ages ago. So I look forward to it this year, it’s real nice.

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