A Day at the Park

We had a chance to visit Dan Nicholas Park again this past weekend, the park has a nice walking trails.

I saw many critters by the lake area, one of my favorites is the Butterfly.

The stick looks like a part of the Dragonfly’s body.

It’s so hard to capture the Damselfly because it’s so small, here is a bigger image.

I brought some fish food from home in hoping to feed the fish, all I saw was the turtles, ducks and Canadian geese.

What Lee likes best about this place is the Gem Mine.

This is the kind of business I need to get into, a bucket of sand and some hidden stones is $7, not a bad return at all.  I was surprised to learn that they’ve so many types of bucket, here is the list:

Beginners Bucket – $7
Standard Bucket – $11
Family Bucket – $18
Special Bucket – $27
Prize Bucket – $42

I’m glad that Lee didn’t know about the Prize Bucket.

She seems to enjoy doing this, I might take her by the lake to try our luck there.


  1. Looks like a perfect day at the park. There is some nice wildlife out there too.

    The bucket list is so funny. Hope Lee finds the hidden gem! 🙂

  2. Looks like Lee had a great time!!! (the name is correct right? ehehe) Hey you can always try your luck at the lake, anything is possible =)

    • mozemoua, Lee is the correctly name, it’s her middle name and I wanted to give her an Asian name and I liked Lee. I think it might be fun and work well at the beach also.

  3. Dear Nye, Looks like an absolutely terrific outing. And Lee was having a great time. Luv, A

    • Audrey, it’s a nice place to spend a day, and there is so much to do at Dan Nicholas Park, too bad that we don’t have anything like that here in our area.

      I hope everything is well with you, I read the tragic news on Saturday and hope that things will turn out for the best.

  4. Yes a tragedy for all involved in the lives of the family. There is no end in sight yet and we pray for the correct findings at that time. It has terrific devastation written all over it. Luv, A

    • Audrey, when I first read, I thought of you and H, knowing how close you are to the family. There is not a lot that we can do but pray and hope for the best.

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