Wild Horses

One of Bo’s friends has a horse stable in her backyard, he had mentioned about getting the horse manure for my vegetable garden before but I’m just not so sure about it, might be okay for flowers, grass and trees, I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, but for vegetable garden, I might not be able to think pass the manure part when I eat, this one is caught in action.

Seeing these horses made me think back to my first and only time riding a horse. This was over 10 years ago, my company had an outing for the supervisors and lead persons to go horseback riding and since I work closely with them, I was invited to come along. When we got to the horse stables, the owner asked me if I have ever rode one before, I said no, but I had experiences riding a water buffalo when I was little.  Everyone started laughing, I looked around and didn’t think it was funny, and sure enough it’s about the same to me. I had no problem steering the horse, it’s the same concept as steering the water buffalo.

Bo’s friend used to have 8 horses, but since the economy take a nosedive, she had to get rid of some and only has 5 horses now.  She has several Mustangs, they are often referred to as wild horses because they are free-roaming horses. She only has one Stud (male), the dark Grey one below, he is fenced in by himself because she doesn’t want them to breed, and the rest are Mares (females).  She is offering riding lessons for those that are interested, and right now she has one little girl.  Lee is interested in taking a riding lesson, I recalled she loves riding on the horse at the county fair and this might be good for her.

Her horses are beautiful, this one is a Corridor horse, and one of her eyes is damaged, she was injured and her previous owner didn’t get her treated in time, but she can still see through that eye.

She is a Mustang, very feisty.


This one is punished for missed behaved, she is not happy being locked up.

This one is also a Mustang .  She has beautiful prints on her body, they look very much like a map.

So this is what country living is like, I noticed that her neighbor raise some sort of chicken, Bo calls it Kai Tok in Pasa Lao.

Believe it or not, there is still a restriction living out in the country, she said that the housing ordinance would not allow them to raise pigs, I don’t see how it’s that much different from raising horses.

These are her neighbor’s ponies, they’re very small, might be a better choice for Lee to ride on. I told her this and she said, “What! Why do I have to ride on baby?”

Lee loves the great outdoors.


  1. horses are such beautiful animals. I’ve always wanted to pet one, but when I get close to one, I have this paranoia that they will get scared of me and run me over.

    • lady0fdarkness, some horse are not tamed so it’s not safe to go near them or pet them, but hers are real nice, I would say the owner know best.

      I think they can sense if you’re afraid of them or not, just like dogs and your fear must have translated as a threat to them, that you might harm them, so they are on guard and don’t seem as friendly. I don’t think they are easily scared, perhaps if they hear thunders they might be and take off running, but just your presence, I don’t think they would be scared.

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  3. When it comes to horses, I would rather see them from a distance. The last time I was around a horse stable it was just too smelly! But those miniature horses are cute.

    Looks like Lee is having lots of fun. Life in the country is great for raising kids. Or at least take them to see a farm every now and then. Studies show that kids raised on a farm (or around animals) have better immunity & overall health too.

    • Cambree, the smell doesn’t bother me, I think of it as a part of their living quarter, but it kind of surprised me that it doesn’t bother Lee either. Lee loves being outdoor and doesn’t get sick easily, even when she was out in the rain the last time we were at the Dragon Boat race, I on the other hand came down with a cold. We need to take her back for a riding lesson.

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