More Rice Pods

It has only been a week and I can see the rice pods from the road now.  The rice paddy is extra green and since we only had 1 thunder storm this week, more water is needed for the paddy.

These are Kao Kom (purple) sticky rice, they came out a bit early.

See the purple color outlining the rice pods.

These are the normal sticky rice.

These are the 2 back small paddies, they are the Jasmine white rice.

The water in the paddy is very clear.

A view towards the road, bamboo trees in the background.


  1. The rice fields reminded me of home. I loved purple rice, making desert top with egg custard sprinkle with fresh shredded coconut yummy!!

  2. wow!!! the rice is looking good and healthy. I guess no more grasshopper?

    bung kao larm and ping kai…. hhmmmm i’m making myself hungry now..

    • Hi seeharhed, there are still some grasshoppers but not enough to cause any major problem. Bung kao larm and ping kai made me think of Boun at Wat, and add Tum Maak Houng to that.

  3. Nice pictures! This is interesting! =) It didn’t take long for it to grow, it seems.

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