A Revisit to PaNoy’s Garden

It was back in June when I visited PaNoy’s garden, and I think my revisit to his garden was a bit late into the season that some of his sunflowers did not stand as proud as they once were. I asked Lee of what her thoughts were on the sunflower pictures that I took, and she said that they are ugly…they’re not supposed to look like that but supposed to look up.

I must say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, to me they are like people, and aged like human, their leaves shape like a heart, and they look as if bow down, not ugly, but aged gracefully.

This was a special occasion, and I brought a gift this time, blue is my favorite color, and yellow is the color of hope and happiness.

The title suggested that this is PaNoy’s garden, but the person behind the scene is also his mom, she gave enough vegetables for me to make a Lao beef stew on Sunday, and yes I do put Padaek in mine, just like the way my mom made them.

His garden is a work in progress, and this pickup truck has parked there for a while now.

This is near the entrance of his garden, to my left is Tun Khoun, very popular for the Thais and Lao to plant this in their yard for KhumKhoun (prosperity), in the middle is the papaya tree.

His pennyworts are beautiful. I’m not sure if that’s his garden art, or that he just didn’t put it away.

His canopy of string beans.

There are plenty of herbs, below is Sweet Basil, or Horapha in Thai.

Lemon Basil, or Phak Etou in Lao.


A dry rice paddy or Na Hai in Lao, this is another way to grow rice but a lot of weeding to do.

His persimmon trees bear many fruits this year.

Blueberry plants given to him as a gift.  I’ve never seen a flower pot like this before, PaNoy said that the man made it himself, a very slick and modern looking containers made from scrap metal pieces.

Passionvines, a very informative post at Cambree’s blog.

A photo taken by PaNoy’s iPhone earlier this month.

More sunflower photos,

It is definitely a place to sit and relax and thanks for inviting us back.

17 thoughts on “A Revisit to PaNoy’s Garden”

  1. wow!!! talking about mega garden.. looks like they have everything in that garden.. great pictures Nye

  2. I see those big green leaf plants. I don’t know what it’s called in English, but in Lao it’s called “Tuun.” We eat that with Tum mak houng or any Tum for that matter.

    Oh.. I was just thinking how it’s kinda neat that you have the “padaek” wikipedia link on your post. The reason being is that, I edited that wikipedia information about padaek. The previous one didn’t mention that it’s pickled and cured, so I added it in. 😀

    1. lady0fdarkness, I’ve never tried editing anything like that, it’s good to know that we could, it’s very informative for those that don’t know.

      PaNoy’s mom gave me the long Tuun for my soup, I think you can use the leaves for bamboo soup as well, might be in the same family as the pumpkin. She also steamed sweet potato leaves for us to try, not bad at all.

    1. Hi MissPhom, thanks, my sister also emailed me this morning, the guy is my neighbor in Brooklyn and that was my old neighborhood in the film, so I’m looking forward to watching it. 🙂

  3. PaNoy has a nice garden. And he gets help from his mom too? What a lucky guy. I can imagine the kids having lots of adventure under that string bean canopy too.

    My mom also loves steam Sweet Potato leaves. They are good with hot sauce and rice. Have you tried steamed young pea leaves? Also good.

    1. Lila, his mom is real nice, she even wait for me to take the pictures before she picked the string beans, then she gave me those beans. I’ve never tried steamed young pea leaves, I need to try that next year, my peas didn’t do too good this year.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful gift, for visiting, and for a great posting of PaNoy’s garden. Maybe next time around I’ll actually have some ‘PaNoy’ swimming around somewhere. It’s hard work having a garden, especially when you can’t find the time to spend on it; but I’m glad mom lives with us. So many things she has helped us with, and not to mention ‘Lao-home cook meals’ with all the herbs and spices…and the wisdom that she passes on to her grandchildren.

    Thanks again Nye for being a great friend:))

    1. PaNoy, you’re welcome and I should thank you for allowing me to post this at my blog, I think people really enjoy looking at it, and perhaps it will inspire someone to start a garden next year. 🙂

    2. Hi PaNoy,

      You are a lucky guy! The garden looks great… so we have Mom to thank for making the garden so nice huh? And of course thanks to Nye for capturing the nice photos for us. 🙂

      Btw, also noticed some blueberry bushes. I’ve always wanted to grow my own blueberries… someday maybe. The sheet metal potting is a great way to recycle and reuse too. Your friend is very crafty!

  5. Yay, garden updates…. this time from PaNoy’s garden.

    I noticed the Passionflower, very pretty! And the sunflowers, they are always a nice garden addition.

    I was at Lowe’s over the weekend and noticed they are selling many rare fruit trees. From guava, Jujube and pomegranate to much more. Prices start at $30 and up.

    It would be nice to have the space to grow stuff like at PaNoy’s garden. 🙂

    1. Cambree, he is a busy guy so the progress is a bit slow, but hopefully by next year he will have a few more things done. He promised to give me one of the passionflowers.

      I’ve not gone to Lowe’s but hope to plant two pomegranate trees this fall, I saw one at Plant Delights Nursery and they’ve one with pink flower as well, real pretty.

      Land is so precious and it’s so hard to get this day.

    1. Hi Khao, thanks for stopping by. Here is more picture of his garden from my first visit, My visit to PaNoy’s Garden.

      As for a new updated photos, I don’t have time to visit PaNoy in the next weeks or so, but I can ask him to email me the picture of his garden if you like.

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