Young Goumonthong

Goumonthong image scanned from Koosang Koosom Magazine

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Noonid of Chonburi in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

It was the year 2547 (2004) when I had a chance to work at a small Karaoke place.  This place became my place of work and living quarter (shared by 6 other female workers) was on the second floor.  We each had a sleeping bag and since I am so afraid of ghost, I chose to sleep in the middle, sandwiched in-between my coworkers.  I stayed there for about 3 months and the one thing that I fear the most happened that night…

It was closing time, around 24:00 (12 Am), all my friends went clubbing after work, but I didn’t go with them.  It’s not that I’m such a good girl, normally I’d go with them, but this time I was sick, had a terrible headache and ran a temperature, needless to say, I stayed home by myself that night.

I was so afraid to be alone, I left all the lights on and took some cold medication in hoping that it will take care of my fever and make me go to asleep as well, so that I wouldn’t know or see anything, but sadly it only helped to reduce my fever and left me wide awake.  I started to count sheep, and that didn’t help. I said my Thai prayers, chanting Ethipiso more than 100 times but I’m no where near sleepy.

Then around 2 Am, I heard someone running up the stairs, I was glad and thought my friends had came back, I called out their names but no reply and what appeared in front of me was not my friends, but it was…

A boy around 3-4 years old, wore JuongGraben (cloth wrapped around as pants), round ball hairdo, topless and was holding a remote control toy car with one hand.  He stood at the foot of my bed staring at me, I knew at that moment that I had hit the jackpot because he was the Young Goumonthong!

He stood there staring at me for a brief moment, then without any warning, he took off running around the room chasing after his toy car, made the most racket noise and had no regard for my feeling what so ever.  At that moment, I was so fearful that I almost peed my pants.  I felt chilled and had goose bumps on my arms, this was definitely a hair raising experience for me. I wanted to get up but couldn’t, so I closed my eyes and laid there stiff as a log.  I said my prayers, kept saying “Na Mo…” and repeated several times but that didn’t help either, I can still hear him running around.  I thought to myself, what can I possibly do to make him go away, then I gathered all my strength and said my prayers to him,  “At this moment I’m very sick and need to rest, and only live here because I work here, and not here to mock you in anyway…and I’ll buy you some new toy!!”

It worked, the noises went away, I slowly opened my eyes and Young Goumonthong was gone, it was a relief.  I’m not sure how long time has lapsed, but not long after that my friends came back.  I finally drifted to sleep after they all went to bed.

The next morning, I told my friends of last night incident, they all laughed at me and pointed to the mantle that was hung on the wall, and on it sat Goumonthong next to Nang Kwak (the Goddess of Wealth).  I stared in disbelief, he looked just like the Young Goumonthong that I saw last night, I felt chilled and had goose bumps on my arms again.

That evening, after I came out from the doctor’s office, I didn’t forget to stop by to buy some new toy as promised.  When I gave it to him, I told him that next time if he wants a new toy to let me know in my dream, and not appear like last night because there is a good chance that I might have a heart attack and can’t buy him anymore toys.

It was a success because after that incident, I never saw him again, but I’m still curious as to why Goumonthong has a round ball hairdo, wears JuongGraben, and topless, does he not get cold?  Regardless of which regions of Goumonthong, they all dressed the same way and most importantly, why must Goumonthong be a boy? I’ve never seen or heard of a girl Goumonthong before. Curious…extremely curious.

Just curious, but I don’t want to meet another one.


  1. yayyyyyyyyyyy! i miss you doing your translations of ghost stories p’nye..

    i had chills reading that.. i guess being almost 3 am doesn’t help either! i’ve always wondered that also. why is goumonthong always a boy? is it more sacred if it’s a boy?

    • Hi Julie, I’m not sure why it’s only a boy baby either, might be that back in the olden days girl don’t play much role in society, and Goumonthong supposed to be a spiritual guidance for blank magic (mon dum) used mostly by male Mor Pee, so makes sense for him to be a boy and might also follow the idea of only boys are allowed to enter into monkshood. I’ve heard that they have dog and cat Goumonthong now. 🙂

  2. Nice translation to the story. Sounds like a bad dream. If it happened to me, I would have asked why he was wearing a turban, haha.

    Moral lesson should be, “if you can’t keep your promises, you shouldn’t make them in the first place.”

    I think that’s why the ghost-boy was relief after he received the toy.

    • K, it’s true that people should not promise if they can’t keep it, then blame it on everything else under the sun when the one person that they should be blaming is themselves, I don’t like to deal with this type of people.

      As for this belief, Goumonthong is a stillborn baby that was dried up, and the owner would have this for protection (black magic) and they have to give children’s gifts to their Goumonthong to try to make them happy, but in this case, it appeared that the owner had neglected the Goumonthong.

  3. Well, I felt it – the hair raising experience while reading this. Good job and maybe too good that I hope I won’t expereience that tonight.

    • Hi Shawn, thanks. I often ask myself if I’m scared by the stories that I translate and I think I’m not but more fascinating with them, kind of odd.

  4. I usually never read ghost stories since I get scare easily. But the pic of the little boy pulled me in. I thought it was going to be a story about a lady giving birth to a ghost boy.

    Thank goodness I’ve never had such an encounter in my lifetime. And hope to never will!

    Btw, great job with the translation too. 😉

    • Lila, thanks, and next time I’ll make sure to add more cute pictures in my ghost story posting. 😉

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