Rice Paddy in Early July

It was 2 weeks ago since I last updated my Hmong neighbor’s rice paddy.  I stopped by after work on Friday and the couple were getting ready to leave.  His wife told me that her dog is missing, someone must have took it last weekend, either Saturday or Sunday and she really missed her dog now.  I do have to say that she is too friendly, a picture of her that I took awhile back.

Her husband said that we need some good rain, we’ve not had a good one in over a month or so now.  The paddy is thriving but the one that they planted in their back garden is not doing too well, apparently Na Hai or dry paddy is not as good as wet paddy in our area especially when we have a dry spell like this one.

Brown Grasshopper

The rice plants closest to where the water come in are the greenest and most healthy.

These are along the water path, very green in comparison to the rest of the paddy.


  1. ahh and i’ve yet to visit my aunt’s rice farm. I’ll have to do so soon and bring my camera along! I just hate going down there alone. I’ll see if i can run home after work today to grab the camera and then pick up my other aunt’s daughter to go with me, well if the weather is good that is. It looks a bit gloomy out there right now.

  2. Someone stole their little dog? 😦 I hope they find their dog soon.

    The rice field looks nice, very relaxing to look at. So green.

    • Cambree, when I saw it the last couple of times, I was afraid that it might get run over by a car since they live right by a busy road, she said that the kids were at home that day, but they didn’t pay much attention to it.

      The rice paddy is a nice place to visit, I can’t wait till the rice flowers and pods to come out, the aroma in the air is incredible, only if I could post the smell too. 🙂

    • seeharhed, bor khey kin jel tak ka tan, khey kin thae jel pa cew hangk. I actually saw a whole bunch of Pa Cew this time but it was difficult to capture them because they were so small.

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