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String Beans, Cucumbers and More

When I got back from Wat Lao Buddhavong, it was a pleasant surprise to see new things growing and blooming in my garden considering that I didn’t water it for 3 days.  My hen and chicks plant that I moved from a pot and planted on mulch has beautiful flowers blooming.

My sunflower is in bloom, I’m sure pretty soon it will be a feast for the birds in my backyard, I believed they ate most of my Junior sunflower seeds.

Lee’s Marigolds are doing well, my second sister and dad came to visit me today and they’re considering planting these next year.

These rooster comb flowers definitely add vibrant color to my garden.

So I finally get a chance to pick in abundance, first time picking my string beans and Thai eggplants. I finally have enough vegetables from my garden to make a Spicy Thai Curry Soup that I made on Tuesday.

My string beans are doing a lot better than I thought.

I gave some of the cucumbers to my co-workers, and made an apple/cucumber juice with the remaining, it tasted pretty good with a little bit of mint and honey.

My Thai eggplants, my dad was surprised to see that they look so pretty, his is not ready for picking.

This may seem kind of odd, but Max likes to eat string beans, cucumbers and carrots, I think he eats what we eat.

19 thoughts on “String Beans, Cucumbers and More”

  1. Nye,

    Your garden looks good even without watering it for 3 days. I think you should harvest it and go sell it at farmer’s market. Nice pictures as always.

    1. seeharhed, thanks, to sell at the farmer’s market I would need I bigger land, perhaps if the man in back of me would sell his land, that would be a dream come true, but then if he decided to sell for sure, I’d not have money to buy it right now 😦 maybe it’s not a bad thing that he is not selling it, I’m sure he wants an arm and a leg for it.

  2. String beans, cumcumbers, and eggplants very good condiment for Laap.
    String beans and hot pepper go well with Pho too!! yum yum yummy …….

    1. salalao, since I have lots of sweet basil, we fixed Pho also. It’s nice to be able to run to your backyard and pick the string beans, cucumbers and other vegetables, and I pick them right before I eat, so it’s very fresh.

    1. Thanks lady0fdarkness, it’s real nice back there, it’s very shady near the fish pond area in the morning, even in a hot day, there’s always a nice breeze back there, I guess it’s because there are many trees in my neighbor’s yard behind me. The vegetable garden part turns out a lot better than I expected.

  3. Your veggies looks so yummy! Ginger, why don’t you put up recipes for your cooking! I would love to try new recipes!!!

    1. Hi mozemoua, thanks, most of my recipes are so basic, some I even cheat by getting part of the ingredients from a can. I’ll see if it’s decent enough to post. 🙂

  4. Awww, so healthy for Max as well.

    They are good looking vegetables. If I have a backyard like that full of fruits and green, what more can I ask for? I def like string beans, I like it in any kind of dish. Cucumber salad (in vinegar) is a good appetizer!

    Lovely garden, Nye.

    re: I agree on mozemuoa, you should give us recipe for your salad.

    1. K, thanks. It’s nice not having to buy vegetables and I can pick it right before I eat, it’s real fresh. Although some people say I pay it through the water bill, but I don’t pay much attention to that, it’s very therapeutic to work, sit and relax back there.

      I don’t do much recipe because every time I post my cooking, someone always email to let me know that it’s over killed or too mushy. I thought it must look awful so I don’t do much recipe. 😦 but I’ll try to post some that I usually prepare for myself.

  5. That’s a pretty nice basket of veggies you got there. You must be very proud of what you’ve started. It’s very addictive isn’t it? The sunflower looks really nice. If I have to guess, it must be as high as you.

    I guess Max’s going to help out in the garden next year since he enjoy eating them as well.

    1. Hi PaNoy, I’m very happy with how things turnout. These sunflowers I planted from seeds in an egg carton inspired by Cambree, and they’re about chest level. The one that is taller than me is not in bloom yet, I bet yours are in bloom by now, I hope I’ll get to see them before they withered.

  6. Lee’s marigolds look good. The green thumb runs in the family! 🙂

    Your garden updates are always so nice to see. It’s amazing how fast they grow when you leave town for just a bit.

    I have never tried apple-cucumber juice before, sounds good. I like that you added mint & honey to it too. But I have tried apple-celery juice and it’s very refreshing, especially in the summertime.

    1. Cambree, Lee has a good gardener to care for her marigolds, 😉 it’s too bad yours didn’t come out, maybe better luck next year.

      I also tried the apple-carrot-celery juice, it’s real refreshing.

    1. Julie, thanks, my garden is turning out a lot better than I expected. We don’t give Max table food, but when it comes to fruits and vegetables, he wants to eat what we eat and seems to want to please us, he’s a funny dog.

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