Rice Paddy at the End of June

I was greeted by this little guy again, never did catch his name, you know what they say about small dog, it’s all bark and no bite.

It has been two weeks since I last posted about my Hmong neighbor’s rice paddy, and the rice plants have gotten a lot taller.

The weather has been real nice in the last week or so, but not ideal for rice paddy since they need lots of water.  This paddy sits at the bottom of a hill, and when it rains, it gets the benefit of the rain water.  No rain means that they’ve to put water in the paddy daily.

I’m not sure what kind of insect this is, there are several that I saw. I finally found the name, it’s called rice brown plant hopper, not a good sign for paddy owner since they can do serious damage to the paddy.

Image below is photographed by William M. Brown Jr of Damage to a rice field in South Korea caused by the brown plant hopper.


The dragonflies hovering over the rice paddy.

As I was heading home, I ran into Hawk. I once posted about his Ghost Rider Dune Buggie, and I can’t say it’s a small world, but definitely a small town.

Look at that thing go.


  1. I remember that little guy – such a cute dog. He reminds me of my neighbor’s dog too. A smart little dog that is a miniature pinscher and chihuahua mix.

    Looks like a nice day in your part of the states. The rice field looks nice and green. But too bad for the rice brown plant hopper invasion.

    • Cambree, Lee wants one like that but I’m afraid that Max might swallow him whole. 🙂 That’s what I told her, but actually it’d be too much work for me, Lol, Max is a lot of work already.

      I only saw a few at my neighbor’s paddy so I think they’re okay, but to do that much damage, I think there must be thousands of them. Asian people eat grasshoppers, but I don’t know if the brown plant hoppers are eatable.

  2. I wonder how many kg of rice this rice paddy contain, do you have any idea about that? Is it rice for one family, one year…or?

    • Hi giiid, it’s a total of 3 paddies, one for each family and they’re relatives. I think it’s enough to last them a year, but my co-worker expressed that her kids don’t like them as much as the store bought kind, they’ve a better aroma.

  3. I love dragon flies. they’re so unique lookingi. I wish I had a professional camera!!

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, mine is not a professional camera, just then lens is, but I’m very happy with mine and the quality of the images, it’s great when you have a family get together, the images are very clear, it’s priceless imo.

  4. Nye,

    Nice pictures as always. Are those “Pa Cew” on 3rd picture? Het Moke Pa Cew Kin sounds good right about now.. hahahhahah The rice are looking good and healthy. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Oh!! I finally finished my garden box this past weekend. I should post some picture and have you comment on it. 🙂

    • Hi seeharhed, sorry for the late reply, I’m on vacation this week. The Third picture is the water pipe that runs to the paddy. The water evaporate and drying up everyday especially when there is no rain like this, so they’ve to fill it up little everyday.

      Congrats on the garden box, I’d love to see it, do you’ve a blog? 🙂

      • Thanks Nye.. I was on vacation last week also. I had some friends from NC visited me and I was a tour guide for most of the week.

        No!!! I don’t blog but I like to comments on other people blogs. hahhahha:-)

        • seeharhed, kind of hard to comment without seeing pictures. 🙂

          I never thought that you were a blogger type of guy, but more like a forum type of guy.

  5. and after all this time i still haven’t found the time to run to my cousin’s rice patty and post them up! geeze, vacation really got me good. eheh

    • mozemoua, your cousin’s paddy is out of the way, maybe you’ll get to visit them when the rice come out, hopefully it’d be about the same time as my neighbor’s rice paddy.

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