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You Can’t be Great by Yourself

When I heard the phrase ‘You can’t be great by yourself,’ I thought he actually has a point.  He went on and said even the greatest inventor needs expertees to test out his inventions, of course he needs someone that he can trust, the one that won’t steal his ideas.  Right…sounds to me like an ideal world or the Internet world where people share information and everyone is happy.

Of course, in a real business world, there is no such thing as trust anymore, even amongst friends or business associates, it’s wised to require a Non-Disclosure Agreements that parties agree not to disclose confidential information, even this is not guaranteed that your information is safe, someone might try to create the same application but alter it slightly and can get away with it, it’s a dog-eat-dog world we’re living in, the last couple of months has proved that for me.

I seem to be running into this type of people more and more this day, trying to take credit that is not theirs, twisting my words around, what ever happen to teamwork effort?  I heard on the radio a while back that the number 1 word that Americans like to use is a curse word, some might use as many as 100 times per day, shocked to hear this, such a  sailor mouth I thought to myself, and I didn’t understand at the time how can someone curse so much, now it all makes sense to me.  I think people need to focus less on the ‘ME!’ aspect, and more on the ‘WE’ as in teamwork.

I considered myself a very patient person, and here I have to keep telling myself to stay calm because time will take care of itself, and it has thus far.  Amongst all these stressful situations that I’ve to face, I’m still thankful that I’ve a loving family, Bo who is very supportive and understanding and Lee, a joy to be around and same with Max, a very happy dog, and of course, my garden, a place to sit and relax.

String Beans

My string beans, it looks like It’ll bear some string beans this year.

String beans

From front to back, chili peppers, Thai eggplants, Cherry tomatoes, banana trees.

I have already picked the cherry tomatoes a couple of times last week.

Chili peppers are now officially hot!



A Frame is perfect for cucumber vines to climb.

Pennywort that my sister Sue gave me last weekend.


My 2 Gardenias, they’re not very tall but have many blooms.



17 thoughts on “You Can’t be Great by Yourself”

  1. Awesome garden!!! Looks like you have pretty much everything in that garden. Oh!! wait, I didn’t see.. hom porm, ga tiem, and puk bua.. hahahha Looks great and thanks for sharing.

    1. seeharhed, I’ve hom porm which to me is mint, but some Lao called parsley hom porm, I’m not sure which you meant, but I’ve both. I had puk bua and they didn’t do too well so I harvested them early, I need to grow ga tiem now, thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you still have to deal with people like that. I think the person who likes to step on others to get what they want can’t be happy for too long.

    Btw, I love seeing your garden updates. Sue gave you American pennywort. Unlike the one PaNoy grows in his garden. This version is much more crisp and doesn’t smell as strong as the Asian variety. But for making summer time drink, I prefer the smaller leave of the Asian variety.

    1. Cambree, I’ve not seen the Asian variety of Pennywort yet, I thought the kind that Sue gave me was it because in Lao and Thai they called it Lily pads on land (Bai Boua Bok) and it looks just like tiny lily pads, but I’ve never seen the actual Asian kind before.

      I think when you try to work as I team, it’s hard when some members of the team are dysfunction, it’s like cancer where you’ve to cut the bad part out, and it might come to this eventually, and sometimes I find that being extra, extra nice is the answer. You are right, they can’t be happy for long, and if it is then it’s the artificial happiness, you can tell by the obvious fake smile and fake laugh, kind of sad imo.

  3. I have a post with pic of my mom’s Asian Pennywort at Cambree Notes. I look forward to making more cooling summer drinks with them. They are very abundant this time of year.

    Yes, some people have negative energy and can suck you dry. Just got to know when to let go. 😉

    1. Cambree, thanks for the link. It’s a great plant to grow since they survive the cold winter months in our area. I’ve not tried eaten mine yet, I’ll wait till they spread some more.

      I guess smile more to attract the positive energy. 🙂

  4. Looking really nice, green and very healthy. The long/string beans are coming along very well; ours seem too much and they are tangling, maybe the wire I used has a smaller spacing than yours, or maybe we planted too much. My mom said it’s the topsoil I added before planting, who knows…but when the plants crowd like that, they tend to not produce as well.

    I can also see the soybeans are coming along nicely; Japanese beetles attack them as well. I finally went and got some traps for the beetles, got tired of them devouring the apple/crabapples and plum trees.

    Very nicely done Nye. I’m sure you’ll be freezing some peppers and lemon grass/others for the winter.

    1. Hi PaNoy, as for the string beans, have you try to remove some of the leaves, that’s what my mom did when there are too many leaves, I do that with the cherry tomatoes as well. The soybeans are very healthy, the short one closest is not growing well but produced beans already.

      Knock on wood, I don’t have Japanese beetles yet, or maybe they migrated to your part of town. 🙂 Bo didn’t put any chemical in our yard to kill the grub worm because he was afraid that it might be harmful to the fish, but I think our neighbors did, and when it rains, it probably washes to our yard and gave us that grub worm treatment as well, so no June bugs so far.

      Bo said your mom thought my lemongrass was planted too close together, it didn’t do too bad. I enjoy eating the herbs and vegetables from my garden, it’s kind of nice that I just have to go back there and everything is fresh.

      1. Dear Nye, Your garden it just beautiful. I should visit to see it in person! I know the work you put into it is a respite from the cares of the world which are heaped all around these days. It is not an easy time in business-who would have ever imagined such grief and worry. Luv, A

        1. Hi Audrey, I’m off next week and will be in town till Thursday, call me if you’ve time and I can even fix you some spring roll. I’ll be at my dad most of the week since my sisters are visiting from NYC, but that’s not too far to come home during the day.

          I think the business has picked up some for us, but the short staffs has made things worse, and everyone seems to be on the look out for him/herself this day, it’s the ‘ME’ world that we’re living in, and lack of trust seems to be the main problem. As for me, I need to stay focus and everything will work itself out.

  5. The small bean, did I give you that as well? It’s the yellow wax bean; a friend brought some beans to microwave at work for lunch, yellow and green mixed. I thought the contrasting colors gave it a very appealing combination; so when I was at the seed store and saw both beans I picked them up for the garden. My mom does not like the yellow beans though, the skin is kind of tough if you don’t pick them young.

    My mom planted the lemon grass kind of like the way Biltmore planted the corn; and by the fall, it will all be very thick and bushy. I can see yours are growing very well; I’m sure by August it will be touching the bed’s edges and corners.

    The darn June bugs are eating my Echinacea as well. Yours is looking very lovely. Have you had time to look up the Gaia Herbs in Brevard, NC that Cambree had mentioned? Looks like a very neat place to visit if it’s opened for tour. Also, there’s really a nice waterfall in Brevard, and I believe someone we know goes hiking in that area quite often with his dog, Flynn.

    1. PaNoy, it’s the beans that you gave me, I’m glad that it’s looking real good, I water my garden every evening since it’s been so hot and sunny lately.

      The lemongrass is good to freeze them for the winter months. Last year I cut mine and left them in the fridge before I went to Laos, and Bo’s mom sliced them into thin slices just like the kind that you would put in Larp dish, then she froze them, it’s great when I have to take it out to use, I don’t have to try to slice the frozen pieces, they can be very difficult to work with sometimes.

      I’ve not visited the Gaia Herbs in Brevard NC yet, and do need to look into it since it’s not too far from me. When I first came here, Gae took us to visit the waterfall in the Morganton area, they’re real nice.

  6. One more thing since you mentioned about removing the string beans leaves. I faintly remember the leaves are use to eat with nam (this is nam made from dry-fried rice, and then tom with lemon grass, pepper, salt, and fishsauce and lime jiuce added, I think). Do you remember anything like this? Or was it a different kind of leaf that was eaten with the nam? Guess I’ll have to ask mom.

    A friend asked yesterday that today’s food have so much calories and people are eating healthy, so why all the heart diseases, etc??? He said he can remember his grandfather eating bacons and eggs fried with lard, etc…but was very healthy. Just a thought about where we may have gone wrong…not enough activities maybe and too much pollutants? Thinking ahead, I’m somewhat afraid for what my kids will face in the future.

    1. PaNoy, I don’t think you can eat the string bean leaves, thinning the leaves out allows the plant to bear more fruits, same with Thai eggplants, Chili Peppers, and Tomatoes. As for the roses, you’ve to break off the wilted flowers to allow new one to grow and you’ll have beautiful roses till the first frost, so that’s late October or early November. I used to grow roses but they attract the June Bugs and that’s why I quit growing them.

      The Chili Pepper leaves you can put in soup, it’s real good, such as Orr (the kind with burned brown rice) You can eat the rose bush leaves with Tum Maak Houng, the young shoot, it’s real good and some people use the rose petals in salad.

      I think the heart disease are from eating fast food, even though most people like to think that they eat healthy but they still eat a lot of junk food and fast food. Also it’s restaurant style cooking that contributes to many of these diseases. Also Internet life style is not good for our health. 🙂 Not much different from couch potato.

  7. The American pennywort you have looks very much like the Asian pennywort but with bigger leaves.

    In Lao, my parents always call them “Puck knock”. And the American one we call “Puck knock Nam”. But I can see why you would say “Bai Boua Bok” since it does look like small lily pads.

    Here is more info on the American pennywort from a neartica.

      1. Thanks Lila, mine look very much like the American pennywort. I think the Lao call it ‘Puck Knock Nam’ and the Thais call it ‘Bai Boua Bok’, and the Thais often talked about drinking it if you’ve a broken heart, they even have songs about this, but I think it’s more of an internal healing drink than anything.

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