Kitchen Garden at Biltmore

Biltmore Estate

How much land does a man need? A good question and a very famous line, and at the end  how ironic that a man only need six feet long, the size of an ordinary grave to bury himself after he passed away.  But in real life, we often think that we need more, the bigger the better, I might have this train of thought as well, wishing that I’ve a bigger land to plant more things.  I believe Biltmore Estate is situated on a 125,000 acres land.

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

As for Biltmore Kitchen Garden, it’s a four-acre garden that displays an incredible array of culinary and medicinal plants, vegetables and fruits, definitely every gardener’s dream to have a garden this size.

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

The girls are ready to work in the farm.

A very interesting ceramics pottery scarecrow, but it doesn’t look scary to me, might be to the crows.

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

Mints galore.

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

I’d love to have a green house like this one, a great place to house my tropical plants during the cold winter months.

Biltmore Kitchen Garden

Teepee trellis, they add height and interest to the garden.

I’ve never seen corns planted this way before, only in rows.


These trees look so neat, a great way to create a wall or fence.

There are many bees here,

This is a Sweetbay Magnolia flower, it looks so much like Dok Champa or Plumeria, the tree is right next to the Winery.

Sweetbay Magnolia

And I spotted 2 love birds on the Sweetbay Magnolia tree.


The Winery is not too far from the Kitchen Garden.

Winery pathwalk

A nice view from the Inn on Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore Hotel


  1. Such nice collection of flowers, some I’ve never seen before. And those little green grapes look so neat hanging from the arbor.

    Also love the sight of bees collecting nectar. People are so scared of them. They just go about doing their own thing and don’t like to be bother. Such neat little insects that do so much for our planet.

    And of course, great photos Nye! I feel like I am already there. 🙂

    • Cambree, glad you like and enjoy the photos, it’s a nice place to visit with family.

      I used to be afraid of bees until I read your post about them and now noticed that they don’t even take notice that I’m around, they just go about doing their business, busy little bees.

  2. looks like fun! alsolooks like a beautiful place!! i would love to go there one day! I would also love to have that green house too! maybe my plants wouldnt die on me so often in the winter. LOL

    Talkin about the plumerias my plumerias seems to be doing well (i hope) there are plenty of leaves i hope the flowers bloom soon!

    • mozemoua, the Kitchen Garden appears nice in photos but the place is not cared for enough imo, I guess they didn’t have enough people to do that, I know where to apply for a job if I ever needed one. You need to post pictures of your plumerias for us to see, I didn’t buy any at Wat Lao Buddhavong July 4th, we didn’t have any room in the car.

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