Summer Garden at Biltmore

Summer time at Biltmore…


Trumpet Vine canopy

It’s nice to see the canopy at the side of the Biltmore house covers with Trumpet vines, a great shade to sit and relax in a hot summer day.  The canopy is also covered with the Chinese Wisteria plants that produce beautiful purple flowers in late April and early May, I’m sure it’d be a sight to see.

Beneath the Trumpet vine canopy

More Trumpet vines canopy along the walkway to the garden area.

Trumpet vine canopy

A beautiful and relaxing place to sit and read a book, or just hanging around.

Beneath a Trumpet vine canopy

I was surprised to see that they removed the tulips and replaced them with summer flowers, now I’m looking forward to seeing the Autumn flowers as well.

Biltmore Garden

Biltmore Garden

If you don’t have a big space for a fish pond, this is a great idea, I even saw several tiny Minnows (panoy) swimming around, they help take care of the mosquitoes problem.

Biltmore Garden

Water lilies at Biltmore Garden

Biltmore Garden

Biltmore Garden

Biltmore Garden

I think the Rose garden might have been prettiest in May, but there are still some beautiful roses left, and they’ll continue to bloom until late fall.

Biltmore Rose Garden

Biltmore Rose Garden

Biltmore Rose Garden Biltmore Rose Garden

Biltmore Rose Garden

This is a space saving technique to train the rose bushes to climb along the wire fence.

Biltmore Rose Garden

Same with Apple trees, the branches spread out along the wire fence.  I kind of like the idea, but not sure if this is something that I would want to try.

Biltmore Garden

An ice cream treat for a hot summer day.

Ice cream at Biltmore

Lee had a visitor while she was there, I’m not sure if her butterfly t-shirt attracted the butterfly but it stayed with her for a brief moment then flew away.

Lee with butterfly

Lee and a butterfly

Lee with butterfly

The mountainous scenery of Ashville North Carolina made me think of Laos.

Biltmore Estate

This was taken right before we left, I wanted to go down to visit the grape farm but couldn’t find my way there.  This is definitely a must for me to go back and visit, and maybe I’ll get to tour the Winery next time.

Biltmore Estate


  1. Nye,
    Beautiful place to spend a day, Thanks for sharing these pictures. The lotus, water lilly are gorgeuos. And the roses reminded me of some of the roses I took from Laos. I serent landscape do resemble Laos with all greenery. I love to drive down their spend a few days just to see the place. I lived close to Longwood garden at Kenneth Square, PA. They do have varities of flowers too even the tropical plants such as orchida, lotus and water lilly, but they are different. The water lilly are from India with huge leaves, it will suppport a small child. They don’t have a huge water lotus like the picture you took.
    I have see some mansion up at Hyde Park, NY. They’re all are belong to the Vanderbelt. I know that the Biltmore are the biggest of all and it’s a castle how about that.

    You have the green thumb. You just need to expand your backyard into mini “Biltmore” garden. I see the pictures, you can do it. I ‘ll just watch!!

    • Hi salalao, thanks, the other half of my back yard is for my dog Max but I’m thinking about planting fruit trees to blend in with the landscaping a bit better, something that I’m still thinking.

      My oldest sister told me about the mansion in Hyde Park NY, I never paid much attention to it while I was living in NYC, and we talked about visiting the place the next time I’m in town.

      If you ever come up this way, it’s a place to see, the town of Ashville is very charming also, I think you’ll like.

  2. Nye,

    Thanks for sharing all those awesome pictures. The garden reminds me of Bush Garden in Victoria Island, British Columbia Canada.

    Is that you and your hubby relaxing on the bench??

    • Hi seeharhed, thanks and I’m glad you like the pictures.

      The couple are not us, that’s my older sister and her husband (Miss Little Sunshine’s parents) I took the picture. This is their first time there and they really like the place.

  3. Wow beautiful garden, Nye. Are these park or a place to buy plants for your home?

    And what was Ms Little Sunshine doing in those bench? You made me laughed at “panoy” to shoo mosquitoes away. And I don’t think I can ever touch a butterfly (dead or alive).

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi K, it’s a tourist place but they also have a nursery for you to buy plants if you like. Miss Little Sunshine was tired from running around the water lily pond area, and was resting, I think it was too hot for her, she can’t take the heat very well.

      ‘Panoy’ or minnows don’t shoo away mosquitoes 🙂 , but they eat the mosquito lavas, so it prevents the mosquitoes from forming, this is especially good if you don’t have water pump to move (or stir) the water around.

  4. I can see Dad found a nice place to take a break, along with the granddaughters. Little Lee gets ice cream and a butterfly too…. such a great place to visit with the whole family.

    This place is very inspirational. It is on my “must-see” list! 🙂

    • Cambree, we were waiting for those that tour the house. We spent so much time by the lilies pond that we only had less than an hour to tour the garden, I wish we had more time.

      The kids like running around and there’s so much for them to explore, a great place for family and the best part is that children get in for FREE. 🙂

  5. how beautiful and nice! I really want to go there and maybe just tour around and relax!!

    • mouzemoua, I missed the roses in full bloom, but what’s left are still beautiful. It’s a nice place to relax and spend the day.

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