Cucumbers Galor at my Dad’s Garden

Just to update my sisters on my dad’s garden, my oldest sister wouldn’t be needing to see these pictures since she is here visiting with us this weekend, she is looking at the real garden.

My dad's garden

This is my second sister’s old fishpond, she has it sat in the back yard to raise her water lily and water Hyacinth since her fish seem to eat the roots of the water Hyacinth, so she rotates them around.  Sue planted some flowers for her, they are perennial flowers so that they’ll come up every year.

old fishpond

I took these pictures on Friday evening, the clouds are beautiful.


pickling cucumbers

Not a lot left on the vines when I got there, my dad picked them earlier and said that I can take a picture of them from the wash bin.

pickling cucumbers

pickling cucumbers

string beans

I think some of the squashes are ready to be picked.



As for his Pomegranate tree, it has lots of flowers but they don’t look too promising as they start to fall off the tree, it might not bear any fruit this year.

Promagranate flower

Promagranate flower

dad's flower

Jasmine flower

As you can see her water Hyacinth, they look yellowish, not as healthy and glossy green like mine.

My second sister fishpond


  1. I’m not a fan of cucumber salad (tum mak tang), but I love cucumbers in salad type dishes like yum salad, Kaopoon Num Jael and garnishing for Laab. I don’t have much of a backyard, so my garden sucks. lol..

    Hmm.. but my mom’s backyard is huge, and she has every vegetables including asian vegetables on her farm/garden. I will take pics of her vegetables one day.

    • Lady0fdarkness, you can probably do a kitchen garden and it’d not need much of a space. I think I could ‘tum’ almost anything, Tum cucumber is also good if you add string beans.

  2. The role of corn looks very healthy. And the squash and zucchini are very nice, I like them lightly boiled for 2-3 minutes over stirfry. Also, I’m not sure if your father knows, but pruning and training the pomegranate will help it bear fruits, prevent disease and live longer…something I will have to do this fall to all my fruit trees. I never thought of it until a friend mentioned it to me and I started reading about it. I guess I was wanting the trees to grow big and fast, but what’s the use when you can’t pick the fruit that’s too high above your head. And training will help with blending the trees in with the landscape.

    • PaNoy, I also need to prune some of my trees. I’ve seen at Biltmore that they train the fruit trees on a wire fence, I need to post that for you to see, it’s real neat and a space saver as well.

  3. Cucumbers galore! Will your dad be making pickles with them? My dad used to make pickled cucumbers and peppers too. Wish I had asked him for the recipe. 😦

    Btw, have you had Persian and English cucumbers? They are my two favorite kind. Very crisp, skin and all.

    I also love zucchini squash. My mom said her plant is not bearing any again this year. I blamed it on the lack of bees, but now I wonder if it’s just a bad seed.

    • Cambree, my dad doesn’t pickle them, we’re big eater when it comes to vegetables from his garden so they get gone fast. I had the English cucumber before, they’re extra long and I think they’re hothouse grown because I see them all year round here.

      My dad let my second sister plant his garden, he’d have everything ready for her but she has to be the one dropping things in the ground, he seems to think that she has a green thumb and he said that if he planted them himself then they’d not bear any fruit, I don’t know if it’s just a superstition but it has been a tradition for them for many years now, even before my mom passed away, kind of funny I think.

  4. I’ve yet to visit my parents and their garden! makes me miss them much! My mom brought some of her asian cucumbers and I had some water cucumber smoothie as we called it the other day! It’s most refreshing on a hot summer day!

    • mozemoua, my sisters got to enjoy the cucumbers during their July 4th visit. I have lots of cucumber now, I might try the smoothie.

  5. Zucchini can be polinaited by hand if you lack bees. I do this to increase production before squash vine borer eat up my squash. You take a male flower (it wont have a small green zucchini at the base just a stem)and remove the pettals of the flower then you locate all the females (they have a small baby zucchini attached directly behind the flower) and you rub the male flower aginst the iner part of the female flowers this increases production and insures each baby got polinated i do this every other or every third day till i se the onset of squash vine borrer. HTH

    • Hi lissa, thanks for your visit and comment. Last year my dad had the same problem and all he got were male pumpkin flowers, I didn’t think to help them pollinate, and thanks for the tips, I’ll pay more attention this year. I’ve heard about the lack of bees and vegetables are not as fruitful last year, hopefully it’s not as bad this year, otherwise we’ll have to do their job as well. 🙂

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