The Fruit of My Labor

I know this is the proudest moment for me to be able to finally harvest some vegetables from my garden, it has been very rewarding thus far.

My garden

My first water lily in bloom.  I’ll be visiting Biltmore today and can’t wait to see their water lily.

Water lily

My Water Hyacinth is spreading rapidly, looks very healthy in comparison to my second sister’s water Hyacinth, her fish ate all the roots.

Water Hyacinth

My second sister gave me these Junior Sunflowers, they’re not very tall, only about knee high.

Jr Sunflower

My gardenia, I also have 2 big bushes near my drive way that have many blooms.


one of the Gardinias near my drive way

The roostercomb flowers often made me think of the last flower in the garden.

roostercomb flowers

A full house, they look very healthy.

My garden

My cherry tomatoes, I can’t wait to pick it for string beans, cucumber, or Spicy papaya salad

cherry tomatoes

I’ve already tried this, not very hot yet.

chili pepper

My string beans start to climb, they don’t look too healthy to me, I have to wait and see if I’ll get any beans this year.  I think I should have tilled up the dirt in this area a bit more.

mint and string beans

string beans

A Frame works like a charm for cucumbers, the one on the other side didn’t do too well, the soil is not as loose as this side.

pickling cucumber

pickling cucumber


    • lady0fdarkness, thanks, only if we’ve more time in a day, I’d love to do all that also. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know, I updated my link.

  1. The Junior Sunflower is really beautiful…save some seeds if you can. When I started the garden I was not much into planting flowers, but only edible things. Now I realize the two really goes side by side, also the variation of colors can be feast for the soul.

    Also, are there pine needles at the base of your string bean? That may be the problem since pine needles are very acidic, I think. But close-up picture does not look that bad.

    The A-frame does work well for the cucumbers. Did you know that cucumber has more water content than watermelon, 96% to 90%? I thought that was very interesting and why ‘Tum Som’ using cucumbers always lead to lots of water since adding salt and fish sauce (hypertonic) cause the cucumbers to lose water, osmosis:)) Same thing happens inside our body when we have too much salt in the blood…more water leaves the cells and is retained in the blood vessel, thus high blood pressure. Sorry for getting carry away with the science…

    • PaNoy, the pine needle is at the walk way, I didn’t want to use mulch since its right next to the base of the bean stalks, also that area is lower than the rest of the yard and water run through there when it rains and we might have gotten too much rain lately and washes away the soil. The pine needle seems to be okay at my flower bed area. I like cucumber, great to know that it has lots of water content, especially good for the summer. I’ll save some seeds of the Junior Sunflower for you.

  2. Oh, the garden is progressing so well…

    I love gardenias. My mom had two plants and each time they never had flowers. She’s now given up on them. One day I may try growing them again. I love their glossy leaves and pretty white flowers. And the scent is nice too.

    The jr. sunflower reminds me of those grown on the side of the highway here in California. It’s always a happy sight to see when you’re out in the country.

    • Cambree, when I was living at my old house, my gardenia nearly die during the cold months, but somehow it made it through and it’s a big bush at my dad’s front yard now. The Junior Sunflowers are not that tall, I need to plant more next year. I heard from my second sister that they move facing the sun so they’d move to many positions in a day, I’ve not gone out there and monitor its progress all day to see how true it is.

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