My Visit to PaNoy’s Garden

I visited PaNoy’s garden on Sunday and I’ve to say that it’s very impressive, a true gardener.

PaNoy's Garden

The first thing that I look for was his most prize of all the flower, and this is what I found, but I’m not seeing any bulb/capsule nearby.

PaNoy's Garden

His garden sits behind his house, his yard is huge in comparison to my little garden, it’d be a dream come true for me to have a garden this big.

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden


As some of you might have known, PaNoy is Laotian, so there are plenty of Thai/Lao herbs such as Kaffir lime, lemon grass, mints, sweet basil, pennywort, and much more in his garden.

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden

I tried his Pennywort drink and I’ve to say that it tasted good, I need to start growing this in my garden as well.  His wife made face when I asked her if she liked the drink, it does have a very strong aroma.

PaNoy's Garden

His string beans look very healthy.

PaNoy's Garden

He plants marigolds throughout his garden, amongst his vegetables to keep the bugs away, certain insects don’t like the smell of marigolds.

PaNoy's Garden PaNoy's Garden

PaNoy's Garden PaNoy's Garden

Sweet basil Thai Basil

Papaya and peppers

PaNoy's Garden


I didn’t know that snap peas can climb this high, they’re taller than me.

Snap peas

His rice paddy, this is another way to grow rice, but he has a lot of weeding to do.


This is closer to the house and a nice view from his breakfast nook area.

PaNoy's Garden

These sunflowers are taller than me.


I’m not surprise to see the June bug, after all it is June.

June bugs

I’d love to visit his garden more often if I lived nearby, but it’s quiet a drive for us to get there.  I plan to visit his garden again in July, and thanks for inviting us.

PaNoy's garden entrance


  1. Thanks for such beautiful pictures of the garden. There’s still really a lot to do. I noticed how it’s all just one color, so today I moved some perennials from the patio area into the garden.

    Of all the pictures, the June bug stands out the most…yeah! they’re preparing for the next year’s invasion of my garden. Got to find plants that these little bugger don’t like and work them in to my garden.

    Thanks again for visiting, and hopefully by July it will be more vibrant and vivacious:))

    • PaNoy, they’re making a meal of your fruit trees. You might want to get several bag-a-bug traps before they eat up all your leaves.

      Your garden is big and I like the brick wall, looks real nice and defines the garden area, but big garden comes with lots of work, especially the weeding part.

      I’m looking forward to visiting again in July.

    • That is a very green garden! Great work PaNoy. 🙂

      Do you cook with most of the veggies? I can imagine fresh veggies must be very good (not just good for you!).

  2. Thank you for posting the beautiful garden photos! It looks like a lot of work went into its creation. PaNoy must be very proud.

    • Hi Seiji, I think PaNoy might be a bit nervous not knowing what I’d write and what the photos look like because I didn’t have time to show him before I left, but hope that he is happy with the result. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a good day of garden touring.

    I noticed PaNoy’s row of corn, they look really healthy and nice. Fresh steamed corn with a little butter and hot sauce is really good.

    Btw, I noticed the pennywort looks a bit different than what I’m used to seeing. There is one variety that grow in (the wild) waterways. They taste crisp and crunchy. Pennywort drink is one of my favorite summer time treat too.

    • Hi Cambree, the pennywort that my younger sister has look different from his also, it looks like a small lily pad, and that’s how the Thais and Lao gave them the name of Bai Bouw Bok, means lily pad on land.

      I had a good time, and love touring his garden. Everything looks real nice, but he still has a lot of work to do, it’s a big garden.

  4. That is American pennywort! They grow wild in the waterways out here in California.

    I think my mom has the Asian pennywort and the leaves are much more round. I’ll have to take a photo of our version and compare next to PaNoy’s version. 😉

    • Cambree, I think my younger sister also has the Asian kind, when I visited PaNoy’s garden, I wasn’t sure if that was the pennywort, but that’s the only one that looks similar to it. My younger sister is giving me some of hers, and they come up every year, I need to make a place for it because they do spread rapidly.

  5. Someday, I wish to have a garden as big and beautiful as that. But yours is nice too Nye! And I didn’t think that marigolds would deter certain insects. I should tell my mom! Maybe it might help her insect problem in her garden!

    • Hi Kamee, thanks, I hope to expand my area out some more, but I have to make sure it’s dog friendly also. PaNoy garden is beautiful but he still has a lot of work to do. He plans to have a kazibo, a fish pond in his garden area, I’d love to see the final result.

  6. wow ginger, you captured panoy’s garden nicely! it’s beautiful!!!! Makes me just want to go to the garden and pick some herbs and veggies and cook something good. ehehe

  7. Talk about living out there, LOL:)) I had been told to create a little bed by the veggies since I like staying out there so much.

    But really, I love to add a workshop/potting shed, and of course with a small room for art/craft, for painting mainly…but the darn HOA got to have it there way. So much to do, but it’s quite fun and rewarding as you have already know. It will be something like the picture on the first link with a potting shed from the second link attached to the left for seeding/potting.

    Then I can really sleep out there…with AC of course:))

    I’m sure the neighbors will go what is he doing??? I wish I’m on my own land so I can do whatever I want…like have an underground bunker!! That will be so cool. Hope you had fun at Biltmore:))

    • PaNoy, living in a community or having neighbors is good for the family, at least you don’t feel too lonely out there in the wilderness. If you were to build, you might need something bigger, sort of like a tree house would be ideal. 🙂

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