Rene Pedersen with Pong Lang SaOn


Pong Lang Sa-On is one of my favorite bands, I saw their concert 2 years ago at Wat Lao Buddhavong in Catlett, Virginia and it was a great show. Rene Pedersen from Denmark saw them on stage in Thailand at German Beer Garden Bangkok.

Rene visited Thailand and went to a concert with Pong Lang Sa-On, and what a great fun they had. The concert was at German Beer Garden, he and some friends went to see.




He went to the stage to take some pictures, and Eed the lead singer asked him to go on stage, his replied “Yes sure” and they had loads of fun for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The funny part was that he didn’t know that Rene can speak a little Thai, so when he asked Rene (in not so good English) “Whats your name.” Rene replied in Thai “My name is Rene and I’m from Denmark” everyone was cracking up.

They went on with the show and wanted Rene to join in.  Rene was trying to play the music with them (not so easy for a Farang), then suddenly Eed asked Rene if he wants Kevin (man with the long hair) to sing a song for him, and of course he said yes. Kevin started to sing Eagle’s famous song, “Hotel California”, and suddenly Rene stopped him and said “Kevin that’s not good,” then Rene took the microphone from him, and started to sing the song. Everybody clapped and you could hear that the audience had a great time out there.

“Well, tell that the mic didn’t work.”


“I want to change to another mic.”


Playing happy birthday song to someone out there


When it was time for him to part, people were asking if he was part of the show because it was so funny, but all he could say was “of course ‘NO WAY’” since that was the truth.  After the concert Rene and his friends saw Kevin, and he went to apologize, he said “Sorry I did this to you about singing” and Kevin replied “No that was a great idea because everyone liked that and we like to make people happy”

Christian, Eed and a lady friend met after the concert.


Rene and friends met Eed for a drink.


Eed, Anf, and Rene’s Wife Maew shopping at 7/11 after the concert, they had fun.




They all went back to his place. These pictures were taken in front of Eed’s house, below is a picture of Rene’s wife Maew, Rene’s friend Christian and Eed of Pong Lang Sa-On.





This is the home of Eed, and the Pong Lang Sa-On.  They ate good food, sang karaoke, and had a great time.









A story from Thailand and all this was back in April 22, 2009.  The concert was not prearranged nor fully rehearsed.  According to Rene, what is so cool about Pong Lang Sa-On is that even though they are famous star, but they are down to earth.  A special thanks to Rene of Denmark for sharing some of these photos.



  1. Their concert looks like fun, next time I need to plan my trip around their concert.

    • Vinny, my dream is to go see 7 see concert, I used to watch that growing up, but I will definitely settle for a concert at German Beer Garden, seems a lot nicer.

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