My Dad’s Garden in Early June

A little update on my dad’s garden for my sisters, things have grown since I last posted. My dad built a box area for my second sister’s Water Lily and Water Hyacinth, and we plan to plant some flowers and plants near the top border.

Dad's garden

His string beans start to climb the branches.

String beans

Pickling cucumber plants.

Pickling cucumbers

Pickling cucumbers


The plants in the raised beds look a lot healthier comparing to last week.

Thai eggplants


More blooms on the Pomegranate tree.

Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate flowers

The banana cove area looks a lot neater, I helped with the border edge over the weekend.

Banana trees


  1. Last Friday, I planted some banana trees in my backyard. I hope it will look as good as your dad trees.

    • seeharhed, they grow fast, in a month or so, they’ll be real tall, his banana trees only had fruits one year, I think it was about 3 years ago.

  2. GInger, your dad’s farm is looking real good!
    Don’t the snow kill the banana trees since it’ doesn’t do wel in the winter or does your dad put a green house over it?

    • mozemoua, he dug them up and kept them in the garage during the winter months with his other tropical plants. When it gets real cold, he turns on the heat for them as well, lots of work but well worth it.

  3. I can see the little pickling cucumbers now. 🙂

    The banana grove makes the place look more tropical. It’s a great way to bring a bit of Laos or Thailand to your yard.

    And the pomegranate tree looks healthy too. My mom also has a tree, it took 5 years to finally fruit. And the seeds don’t look as Ruby red, more pinkish – but are very sweet.

    • Cambree, I think the pickling cucumbers should be ready to pick in about 2 weeks, first time he grew them, he did the long one in the previous year. It’d be good timing for my sisters from NYC also because they’re coming to visit us the week of July 4th.

      I hope his pomegranate fruits stick this year, the branches are so thin, I’ve always wondered how it’d hold the fruit since it’s quiet big and heavy, would be interesting to see.

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