Laos, Thailand: Nature in Bloom

Thank you Salalao for sharing, I enjoy gardening and salute back at you. 🙂

Video and description by Salalao, These pictures were taken while I was traveling through Thailand and Laos. I love flower, during this trip I visited nursery, park and garden. As I walk through small village, in people front, side, back yard, rice padding, wooden path and came across these beautiful flowers in bloom. I really enjoying taking these pictures many times I went off on my own because it is so captivated when I see colors in nature hidden waiting to be finds. If only I look closer I can see nature at work

I have to admit I am not a gardener and won’t be one anytime soon because I am afraid of worms and snakes.

For those whose enjoy planting and digging, I salute to ALL!!!


  1. I want some of those opium seeds so I can plant some in my backyard:-). Ngarm lai der and kob jai for sharing.

    • seeharhed, I thought that’s what it was, but wasn’t sure, I saw the plant in Canada once, they grew them in a pot.

  2. Not very hard to recognize the most prize of all the flower…a friend of mine recognized it right away. Looks like someone’s been scraping the bulb/capsule for a little fun extract:))

    I like the angel’s trumpet, very interesting plant indeed. Lots of beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing.

    • PaNoy, I noticed it when I saw the bulb but still thought to myself that it couldn’t have been it, but sure enough after watching it again, it’s the one, and I’m surprised that it’d be in the tourist area.

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