My Hmong Neighbor New Rice Paddies

The French have an expression: the Vietnamese plant rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Lao listen to it grow…I must be one of the Cambodians then, here I’m watching the rice grow.

The last time I visited the rice paddy was May 15, 2009, that’s 2 weeks ago and they just started transplanting the seedlings then.  It had been thunder showers on and off on Friday, and it threatened to rain while I was taking these pictures.  They finally finished transplanting the seedlings this week, and the rains seem to help a lot, otherwise they would have to fill the water daily.

Rice Paddy

Rice paddy

The little black things moving in the water are tadpoles, there are many swimming around.




  1. And the follow-up saying “and the French taxed the rice that was produced,” just kidding:)) Thanks for keeping us posted.

    I decided to grow the rice on raised-bed and some are interspersed throughout the garden among the pepper, eggplant and asparagus sections. It’s doing pretty well, just have to remove the weeds every now and then.

    I guess it’s easier going to the store and buying a 50lbs bag than to grow it yourself…but I’m sure the enjoyment and the taste you get from growing it is a whole lot more. However, this is more of an experiment for me and I look forward to seeing how it’ll all turn out by harvest time.

    • PaNoy, as much as they grow the rice themselves, their children don’t like to eat it, they like the store bought better, same with the chicken, they say it tasted better bought.

      My neighbor also grow rice in their garden this year, the same spot where they grow the seedlings, but I didn’t see anyone outside, so I didn’t dare visit their garden, it’s further back. The only problem with that is that you have to pull weed, lots of work.

  2. That’s one good size of rice field. I wonder how many bags of rice they produce from that field.

    mee pa duke.. pa keng yu rice field bor?? hehehhehe

    • seeharhed, they’ve enough rice to feed the whole family, but she said that their 7 children don’t like the home grown rice, they like the store bought more because they say it taste much better.

      He raised fish in the rice paddy also, but not sure if it’s Pa Duke and Pa Keng or not.

  3. Darn, i still hvent gone to check my aunt’s rice field yet. I refused to go alone since it’s deep into the forest. ehehee But I’ll see if i can drag soemoen with me.

    • mozemoua, I think it’s harder for you since it’s out of your way. As for me, this paddy I pass several times a day so it’s hard not to visit. 🙂

  4. […] was wondering when they would start planting because they would have finished planting by this time last year. This is my co-worker M, she came straight to the Rice Paddy after work.  The second paddy belongs […]

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