A Frame That my Dad Build

This post is for PaNoy, I told my dad when we were putting up the fence that I wanted a swing set but my budget was real low, he thought he could build one for me.  After my GI Joe sister gave me a bench, I thought it should be sufficient and failed to tell my dad, so he went out and got lumbers to build the A Frame for my swing.  He completed the A Frame without my knowledge and it costs less than $40 in materials, and was going to build the swing next.  I didn’t want him to do all the extra work if it was going to cost the same as buying one, so I checked out the one at Lowes and they’ve a 5 feet Swing on sale for $148.  They also have the A Frame for $148, but since my dad already build one, I only had to buy the swing.  Here is a close up picture of my dad’s A Frame.

A Frame

A Frame

A Frame

A Frame

If you choose not to build you can buy, here is the A Frame at Lowes for $148.00


Swing at Lowes for $158.00



    • lady0fdarkness, my dad is very good at building things, he also did the bridge, and other things in my garden.

  1. Thanks Nye. I saw the frame at Lowes that you mentioned, kind of wobble somewhat. I thought the one you had in your garden looked more sturdy. I might build the swing part as well; and it will go between the peach and an apple tree. I can see my kids climbing on already:)) Thanks again for the close-ups, I know what materials to get now.

    Don’t worry about responding to the other comments…they were simply bits of information you might find interesting.

    • PaNoy, the lumbers for the A Frame is treated wood, which is okay, but for the swing you might want to use a different type of wood such as oak wood, teak wood, or cedar wood that would be safer for kids. My dad thought it might cost about the same since the price of lumber has gone up.

  2. Your dad has great craftsmanship!

    At the moment I am reading up about Japanese wood crafts and find it very interesting. 🙂

    • Cambree, my dad does have great craftsmanship and many of us take after him. When I was preparing my raised beds, I had to make sure that they’re level because I knew he’d come and inspect, he doesn’t like it if we do half sorry job.

      Japanese wood crafts are interesting, especially in their furniture making, I like the clean line furniture.

  3. Ginger, I would love to come out and sit on that swing and read a book!!! Very nice!! The swing is at such a perfect location too!

    • mozemoua, it’s a nice place to sit and relax, I haven’t had time to sit and read a book yet, but should have time to do that soon. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the pictures. I used what you displayed as a template. It turned out great!!

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